Sunday, February 24, 2013

We Are Off Like A Paraglider!

After a good long walk on the beach this am we are heading home. Such fun memories!! Debbie and I had the later flights today (with Mary, Constance & Angela on the earlier ones) so we ventured via taxi into downtown Zihuatanejo. We were on a mission to find a "molcajete" which is a type of mortar and pestle made of lava rock that you use to make guacamole, etc. I used one in my cooking class this past week and was instantly obsessed. Legend has it (haha!!) that you get a much richer flavor for guacamole by grinding seared cloves of garlic and Serrano chile into the lava. This makes a paste before you add the other ingredients. So we asked "Melba" from a local tourist shop where to find one. She said they were $25.00 and it was about a 7 minute walk to the locals mercado (market) and that she would procure them for us. This sounded like a fantastic idea (who doesn't love a good "facilitator"?!!) since we wanted to browse the mercado and only had 20 minutes before we had to head back to the marina in a taxi and shower / get our bags & head to the airport. So, we agreed to meet Melba in 20 minutes near a tourist shop. She came back with our (VERY heavy) molcajetes ten minutes later. I've now dubbed her "Speedy Gonzalez!" She told us that we had to "cure" them by grinding white rice into the lava rock & then wash it. (And to repeat the process 3 times)
Well, our "molcajete" excitement continued when we got to the airport! Debbie had hers in a carry-on bag (It's not like shes going to bonk someone on the head with it on the plane or something.. Ha-ha!) and I left mine back on the boat as Brad wanted to use it to make guacamole for the boys trip. (He loves to make guac!) ...So as we are going through security, Debbie gets stopped and told that she can't bring the molcajete on the plane & it has to be checked. Well, our plane was boarding in 30 minutes and there was no way we were going to risk missing the flight. So I begged "Manuel" the fabulous gay airline rep to give it to Brad when he landed (He was going to page him) so that he can put it on the boat for later retrieval. I also told him that Debbie was a chef...ok-that part was a little white lie, but she does aspire to be a better cook and that magic will happen with her molcajete!! This bit of info made him giddy...What a crack-up! So I gave him a tip to facilitate this endeavor and we crossed or fingers to make it happen.
Before we know it, Brads plane came in early (yay!!). I sent him a text and told him the molcajete story & to meet me outside of customs. I was then able to get security (who knew us well by this point) to let me back into the terminal so that I could give my husband a BIG kiss and also the molcajete! (Thank goodness its a tiny airport and you can get away with these shenanigans.) However, due to the predictive text on my cell phone, the word "molcajete" turned into "machete", and it left Brad wondering why Debbie would try to check a machete into her carry-on bag?? HA! Just hysterical, and now Debbie's molcajete will live on in infamy...And I can't wait until she invites me over for a guacamole tasting!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Super Saturday

Here's a photo journey of our Super Sassy Saturday! We tried to cram in as much fun as possible for our last full day & there still wasn't enough time to do it all. It started out with deep sea fishing in the morning which didn't produce a single hook up. We had big dreams of a large catch and filling our bellies with fresh sashimi for lunch. I was also hoping to fill up the fish freezer for Brad & the boys who arrive late tomorrow as they will have a lot of time on the open ocean this next week as they begin to move the boat north toward home.
I really enjoyed driving the boat myself this week and being on the vast blue sea!! Today we did spot 4 sea turtles floating in the ocean, some little stingrays and a ton of dolphins. Afterwards we headed to The Viceroy hotel (yes, again.. it's a fave spot here & they've come to know us. Haha!) for a yummy lunch and then skeedaddled to their spa for a glorious massage. After all that fun we headed back to the boat for a pitstop and then made our way over via dingy to a neighboring beach for some lounge time in the afternoon sun. So enjoyable we could have stayed longer, but alas we were out of sunshine. So off we went for a sunset cruise & headed back on Incognito to the marina so that we could get ready for our last dinner of the week together at La Casa Que Canta. ( yes, again!) We saw Antonio, the chef that we had taken a cooking class from earlier in the week & enjoyed chatting with him. After such a big day we are totally exhausted. Only wish we had a few more days as there's lots more to see around here!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Girls Weekend!

The start of girls weekend was commenced with Consuela and Maria in the kayak...of course Angelita and I had to venture out to find them once they were out of sight. Once we spotted those crazies, Maria yelled out to us..."dont make waves!" So of course we wouldn't want to disrupt their zen kayak experience. (Not) Flash forward to us spinning donuts around them in the dingy in multiple locations... Just hilarious!!
We then ventured over to a beautiful beach across the bay and enjoyed our morning coconut water inside of actual coconuts. The ambience was like arriving on Gilligan's Island.
Afterwards we spent a nice long lunch at Tata's (yes, again!) while Angelita modeled Mexican wrestling masks for our own entertainment... Then it was siestas all around back at the boat. Debbie (now dubbed "Juanita") finally arrived this afternoon and we greeted her on the beach in front of The Viceroy and put her luggage in the dingy. What a sight she was strolling through the waves with her luggage. So happy she finally made it!! Some guy nicknamed "Tarzan" came to assist Danny with the dingy launch. Consuela thought he was right out of The Jungle Book. We headed back to the Viceroy and enjoyed some libations as the sun set on the horizon. Dinner was fantastic at Espuma and we even did a pre-celebration for Maria's birthday as we never seem to be together for her actual bday.. Albeit it's at the beginning of April. Ha! A great day had by all!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oodles of fun!

Today was a beautiful day! Sister Mary & I ran on the beach for a few miles (super humid out!) and then went back to our fave spot... La Casa Que Canta for a very special cooking class with their head chef Antonio. He has been there for 17 years and we had a ton of fun learning how to perfect guacamole, make ceviche and some other delic dishes! The pool there was incredibly tempting to jump into, however not being hotel guests we would be frowned upon to say the least. We enjoyed a yummy lunch with our new cooking class friends who were all MUCH younger than us. Who knew those honeymooning whippersnappers would have such an interest in cooking?! Lol! We awaited the arrival of Constance (Consuela) and Angela (Angelita) from Chicago and Debbie (unfortunately there's no awesome Español name for Deborah, so we will make one up for her!) from Newport Beach. However, Deb called during cooking class to say that she FORGOT her passport en route to LAX & had to reschedule her flight for today. Hilarious! Wait until she finds our what we have in store for her arrival. Haaaaa! We headed out of the marina for a sunset cruise and anchored in the bay of Zihuatanejo for the night. We took the dingy ashore to the Viceroy hotel for dinner (cue tiki torches on the sand) and had a fantastic time dining under an almost full moon right on the beach. The only thing missing from the equation was Brad! Tomorrow should be full of new shenanigans upon Debbie's arrival!