Saturday, February 23, 2013

Super Saturday

Here's a photo journey of our Super Sassy Saturday! We tried to cram in as much fun as possible for our last full day & there still wasn't enough time to do it all. It started out with deep sea fishing in the morning which didn't produce a single hook up. We had big dreams of a large catch and filling our bellies with fresh sashimi for lunch. I was also hoping to fill up the fish freezer for Brad & the boys who arrive late tomorrow as they will have a lot of time on the open ocean this next week as they begin to move the boat north toward home.
I really enjoyed driving the boat myself this week and being on the vast blue sea!! Today we did spot 4 sea turtles floating in the ocean, some little stingrays and a ton of dolphins. Afterwards we headed to The Viceroy hotel (yes, again.. it's a fave spot here & they've come to know us. Haha!) for a yummy lunch and then skeedaddled to their spa for a glorious massage. After all that fun we headed back to the boat for a pitstop and then made our way over via dingy to a neighboring beach for some lounge time in the afternoon sun. So enjoyable we could have stayed longer, but alas we were out of sunshine. So off we went for a sunset cruise & headed back on Incognito to the marina so that we could get ready for our last dinner of the week together at La Casa Que Canta. ( yes, again!) We saw Antonio, the chef that we had taken a cooking class from earlier in the week & enjoyed chatting with him. After such a big day we are totally exhausted. Only wish we had a few more days as there's lots more to see around here!

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