Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Marlin!

An exciting fishing day was had with the winning catch of a big Marlin! It then turned into a great afternoon of fun & muy muy fuerte margaritas at the Office followed by an afternoon swim...otherwise known as an "office meeting". Ha!

A fantastic evening...

Great dinner at Edith's with all the EZ peeps in Cabo yesterday, followed by some great live music at Cabo Wabo! We won't easily forget Neon Nancy or the crazy dancer in the green dress...ha!

Shopping for a few nuggets...

A quick stop at the grocery store was made easy with Danny & our rental van for the week. Who knew we'd see a lingerie store with a crazy name next door to it...

Fun in the sun!

Local shops are ready for Christmas and its always fun to see how other countries have their own traditions.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Great Day Back!

Flying out of John Wayne airport to Cabo today was a breeze! Such a treat to fly non-stop from home and not have to drive to LA-la-land!! The flight wasn't even half full, and the nice warm breeze that greets you outside the airport feels like a hug from an old friend. At the airport taxi area we were then greeted by Pepé the pup...he's a scrappy sort of guy. Haha!

We got to our hotel where Danny our boat hand met us to take us to the boat. We had a few minutes to enjoy the view from our room & the weather is perfect!

We took a taxi to the marina and as we walked down the dock, I was caught by the beauty of all the fishing boats lined up in perfect symmetry.

Just as we walked on board to meet a chef I hired for a corporate party we are hosting later this week, I noticed some new faces I wasn't aware of. Low & handsome husband surprises me with a private dinner for just the two of us! I was floored...and the food was beyond amazing!! What a "foodie" experience we had! I'm still reeling from all the yummy goodness & his romance that never ceases to surprise me.

We strolled down the marina dock and headed to catch a cab back to our hotel. I came across the local ATM machine... What a crack-up to see it called "Cashola" with a "Viva Mexico" sign on top. Just hilarious! Can you imagine walking down the street & asking someone... "Dondé esta la cashola?". What a hoot!

A little farther down the street was a banner advertising a new beach club. It's always fascinating to observe advertising in foreign countries, and this one didn't disappoint.

The last photo nugget is of a local restaurant advertising the days lobster catch... It doesn't get any fresher than that!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fun Photos From Cabo Adventures!

It's the Disney Wonder ship! Poor Donald...he's apparently hanging by a thread. 

Or is that a line? ha!

 The boat is parked out in front of The Office..Off to Mango Bar we go!
 Now this is my kind of deep sea fishing.
Matt & Sid are on the lookout...Dirty Nacho works his stripes!

 Stylish Sidney!
 Captain Jimmylegs!

 This was the big Cabo Tuna Jackpot...We SO could have made the podium!