Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oodles of fun!

Today was a beautiful day! Sister Mary & I ran on the beach for a few miles (super humid out!) and then went back to our fave spot... La Casa Que Canta for a very special cooking class with their head chef Antonio. He has been there for 17 years and we had a ton of fun learning how to perfect guacamole, make ceviche and some other delic dishes! The pool there was incredibly tempting to jump into, however not being hotel guests we would be frowned upon to say the least. We enjoyed a yummy lunch with our new cooking class friends who were all MUCH younger than us. Who knew those honeymooning whippersnappers would have such an interest in cooking?! Lol! We awaited the arrival of Constance (Consuela) and Angela (Angelita) from Chicago and Debbie (unfortunately there's no awesome Español name for Deborah, so we will make one up for her!) from Newport Beach. However, Deb called during cooking class to say that she FORGOT her passport en route to LAX & had to reschedule her flight for today. Hilarious! Wait until she finds our what we have in store for her arrival. Haaaaa! We headed out of the marina for a sunset cruise and anchored in the bay of Zihuatanejo for the night. We took the dingy ashore to the Viceroy hotel for dinner (cue tiki torches on the sand) and had a fantastic time dining under an almost full moon right on the beach. The only thing missing from the equation was Brad! Tomorrow should be full of new shenanigans upon Debbie's arrival!

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