Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bitter End, Saba Rock and Peter Island.

We headed over to Virgin Gorda the next morning. The skies were blue, the weather balmy and the requisite Caribbean wind was blowing hard. It was a bit blustery with 25 knot winds
 for an hour and a half, but nothing I couldn't handle.
I spotted this boat with their "super slide" deployed. The funny thing was that I never 
saw one person go down it for the 2 days we were there. So sad.
The bay was gorgeous...
Come to think of it, I haven't seen anything that wasn't easy on the eyes. 

We had fun checking out all of the beautiful boats in the harbor.
A lot of these were shipped over from the Mediterranean for the winter "season".

Quite the view in this soon filled up with boat after boat.
We popped over to the Bitter End Yacht Club for a little bite, and I was dying of thirst. 
I quickly ordered a bottle of water, but who knew it would be imported from Scotland?! 
That was odd...tasty though.
I checked out the sights beachside after a very good piña colada tasting. 
I snapped this gorgeous shot on a little walk.
Brad offered up his smooth island moves..
Speaking of moves, Brad can smoke these boys in that department.

We then took a long dingy ride over to Oil Nut Bay to check out their new resort digs. 

It was quite the private resort and massive in size. It's very secluded on the far end of Virgin Gorda, and has recently been developed with some beautiful estates. It was gorgeous! 
You can check it out on their website at 
We headed back to the boat, and came upon a new boat neighbor. 
I cracked up at the juxtaposition of our boat vs theirs. 
We look like their tender. Haha!
That night we cruised over to the YCCS...better knows as Yacht Club Costa Smeralda. This was a brand new location (the other one is in Sardinia, Italy) and absolutely gorgeous! We had a fantastic dinner under the stars and couldn't believe the amount of superyachts docked in front. 
150-250' in length.  E-gads. I ordered up a B&B (Benedictine & Brandy)'s known as an old man's drink. Ha-ha! I had a bit of a sore throat from traveling, and this is a great trick to cure a throat cold. 
I would choke if I inhaled the scent of the liquor, and my debutante manners kept me from plugging my nose. Down the hatch it went.
It's hard to fathom that all of the lights you see in the distance were all anchor lights from various boats. It looked like it's own twinkling city.
The next morning we caught a glimpse of a gorgeous rainbow 
after a brief rain shower. Stunning as can be!
We headed out to cruise the harbor before lunch, and knew our buddy David was arriving that afternoon on a catamaran he had chartered for the holiday with his family. They were celebrating his parents 66th anniversary. We spotted them easily and boarded their boat bearing some cookie dough we had picked up in Tortola for his mom Tillie. That woman is the sweetest.
She was dying to make some chocolate chip cookies for their fam.
 We had a nice long chat and got caught up before Brad & I headed over to the Bitter End for a walk & some lunch. 
It was good to see them!

We cruised back over to the Bitter End Yacht Club to get some MUCH needed exercise.
I would have settled for anything..
My body was aching from lack of exercise.

The view from their villas was sublime & offered up a glimpse of Branson's Necker Island.
We later headed over to Saba Rock for a bite. It was jammed with dingy's as far as you can see. 
This is an über popular watering hole on a small rock with a charming hotel.
5 o'clock was happy hour and everyone was there. 
We had run into our friends Kevin & Cathy to our surprise earlier that day. (Sadly, I forgot to get a photo with them) Brad & I were cruising in the harbor and came upon their boat by happenstance. We decided it was time to catch up and we made a plan to meet them over at Saba Rock for happy hour. They introduced us to Lance the restaurant manager who loved to manhandle the lobsters. 
I think he loved his job. 

We grabbed a table dockside when the sun went down.  Loved the conviviality of this special spot!

The next morning we headed over to Peter Island to celebrate the New Year holiday. 
We definitely weren't the first ones to arrive. 
The marina was well outfitted and had everything we needed. 
Inside the marina at Peter Island, was an insane SURGE. We had to use 12 lines on the boat in order to secure it to the dock. We hadn't seen a surge this bad since we were docked in New York City.
That night we attended the New Years bash at their formal restaurant. We were told that it was going to be a "glamour" theme and they suggested black tie attire when I inquired on a past trip last month. We couldn't believe we packed a gown and tux for an event in the Caribbean, and still couldn't believe it when we arrived. I finally decided to ask the manager what the attire was (something just didn't feel right) and he stated "black tie". He also mentioned that the resort was just written up in USA Today as the best New Years' bash outside the U.S. Hah. Turns out it was a small blurb in their digital edition, which any press agent could place in my opinion. He told me the prime minister was coming with his entire cabinet and that they would all be in black tie. Reality was this; we looked at everyone on the dock as they left their boat to head over to the party, and NOT a soul was in a tux. Everyone was dressed in their nice resort clothes, and we were happy to do the same. 
Dinner was a buffet which was not what we had in mind after paying a premium. 
After dinner, we found a spot for ourselves by the pool and awaited their fireworks show on the bay. It was blowing like crazy and I couldn't get a silly selfie done right (Brad kept making me laugh), so this will have to suffice.
Fireworks were spectacular, but we still aren't sure what all of the "black tie" hoopla was about. 

       We set out the next morning for a nature walk on the island...
This was one of my fave sighting. One of God's little creatures busy with his day. 
Soon he would turn into a beautiful butterfly.
And as for the butterflies, there were white ones everywhere we looked.
We walked out to the helicopter pad...what a gorgeous spot to arrive at.
And then I spotted another crawling critter...busy burying himself in the sand.
We were sweating like bandits from the walk, and took a fabulous swim in the ocean before lunch.
I spotted this guy not too far from my lounger...He was working on his tan too.
Lunch at Deadman's Beach is one of our new faves!  
We've made some great memories here in the last month.
(Their piña coladas are the best I had in the BVI's)
After lunch, we headed south for an hour cruise to Cooper Island. 
We were here last month, and loved this back we went for an overnight stay.
Tomorrow Kat & Matt arrive. 
Stay tuned for that adventure! 

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