Saturday, January 23, 2016

BVIs - New Years Week

We shimmied the next day across the bay to Scrub Island. We had planned to dock at the marina there for an overnight. But first...Brad waited out in the bay before heading to their dock so that I could jump in our dingy and head to the airport to pick up Kat & Matt. 
I tied up the dingy at the airport dock (where in the world can you dock at an airport? That was a fun experience!) and they found me immediately. I was SO happy to see the kids! We docked at Scrub Island and as soon as we made it back across the bay and tied up. It was time to head over to the resort for lunch and to give them a tour. A tour however, would not be complete without a traditional round of "corn hole".  
I'm not sure who named this corn-Julio game, but it reminds me of Beavis & Butthead for some reason.
We all took a turn tossing the bean bag and tried to make the hole to no avail...until it was my turn. Hole in one and I did the happy dance!
We went for a long walk (more much needed exercise!) 
and checked out the sights of this gorgeous island.
Then it was snorkel time! Off to a little inlet we went via dingy...
Kat & Matt were psyched to checkout the underwater scene...
They were so happy to spot a sea turtle right away!
Brad & I mugged for the camera.
We dropped off the kids at the resorts water trampoline. They had a ball!
We all had to get cleaned up for cocktail hour as our friends Cathy & Kevin were coming over for a glass and some appetizers. 
This amazing couple left Newport Beach 4 years ago on their sailboat and have been cruising ever since. They were BVI experts and had oodles of tips for us as we begin to head south next on our next voyage. Too bad we didn't know we would run into them as we would have planned for more fun. And... I forgot to get a photo of them too. I'm losing my touch and not bringing my usual A game. 
Time to get my groove back. You'd think I'm on vacation or something. 
That night we decided to cook and enjoy a nice leisurely dinner on the boat. Kevin & Cathy headed back to their boat and the four of us binge watched Game of Thrones and all got hooked. 

The next day we headed back over to the Bitter End Yacht Club to show Kat & Matt around...
Matty was loving the Hobie cats' and was ready to take one out.
We opted for our silly signature pose...
Kat & Matt had one of their own.
We took them inside the sailing's so charming.
Brad demonstrated his best student abilities.
Matt found his namaste on one of their beachside hammocks.
We cracked up and had to join on one of our own.
I think we're on vacay?!!
We all enjoyed the beachside scenery. 
We left the Bitter End and headed across the water to Jumbies in Leverick Bay for lunch. 
Note- this could have all happened spread out between a few days as I'm writing this blog post a few weeks late and now can't recall. Oops! Writers block. Wah wah.
Don't you just love the colors of the Caribbean?!
This spot was super chill.
Jumbies had their own pirate who played a gig or two here...
We headed back to the boat after lunch.
Leverick Bay was more of a sailors hangout, as a lot of the cruisers knew each other.
We then headed over to Saba Rock for happy hour later that afternoon. We knew that at 5pm they would be feeding the tarpon fish, and we didn't want the kids to miss this little event.
This guy thought it would be a good idea to snorkel over & watch them feed underwater. Clever fella.
The dingy dock was once again packed.
Saba Rock looked welcoming as always!
Matt & Brad tied up our dingy to the dock, checking everything twice. Like father like son!
Kat surveyed the shell left unturned.
We were lucky to get a seat before the "herd" arrived.

We all sat right by the resorts "taxi" stand and enjoyed watching the comings & goings..
So do you think we should have one of their epic piña coladas while we wait for dinner? Um..YES!
Katrina posed for the tarpon. They sure appreciated her smiling face!
Lance was back with his lobster molesting. Maybe he rufied them like the J-e-l-l-o guy? Wait...what? ha-ha!

Everyone loved that surprise nugget.
The next morning we departed for Peter Island. I couldn't wait to show them our special place that we've been enjoying so much of lately.
We headed straight to the bar after a long lunch there & celebrated guessed it. 
The BEST piña coladas in the BVIs!
We toasted to our travels and to a happy and healthy New Year, then posed for our happy bartender.
It was then time for a swim! 
I love swimming in this kind of bay where I feel safe to swim like a little waterbug. 
And not imagine this scenario...
Brad & Matt got their official father son photo op in...those handsome devils. 
I was so happy that we were all together celebrating life and making memories that will last forever!!
I made Brad pose for me. He's SUCH a gamer!! What a love. 
I'm sure he'll be embarrassed by the time he reads this post. 
Kat had brought her drone and was ready for action. Here she is calibrating the thing..
Brad's anxious with anticipation...
Just like Carly Simon...An-tic-i-pation
Just don't tell Tay Tay.
Kat took some amazing aerial footage of us!
I loved this shot!! 
Another amazing adventure. 

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