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Cane Garden Bay and Jost Van Dyke, BVIs

This is a MUCH delayed post from December. I've heard from quite a few of you who were wondering if your computer was broken since you hadn't seen a recent peep from me. Ha! 
Makes me so happy to know you enjoy my silly little blog. 

Well, the holidays kept us busy as we worked on our dance moves...
and then time got away from us...So to bring you up to speed and without further ado;

We departed LAX on Christmas Day, and headed out on a red eye for 19 days in the British Virgin Islands. As much as I abhor a red-eye, this is actually the best way to get to the Caribbean with time to spare and not have to overnight in Puerto Rico, etc.

All cued up at the American Airlines counter, I spotted Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family. He seemed in distress as I think someone in his party forgot their passport. Wah wah.
We had a great flight to Tortola, and once outside of customs we looked for a taxi. The next available one was the "communal" taxi which makes for a good adventure. We met a nice couple from Florida on it, and we actually ran into them a few times around the islands. The wife (a Nosy Parker!) turned into quite the stalker and we had to keep dodging them. Too funny!
After losing our new "friends" from Florida, we headed to the marina in Nanny Cay, Tortola. We had sent our captain "Bish" home for the holidays, and finally had the boat to ourselves for a week. Yippee! Whatever will we do with our time? Probably some of this...
I couldn't recall the last time it was just the two of us on our boat. We've been busy entertaining family or friends, and I was truly looking forward to some chillax-ing downtime.
We enjoyed a nice evening there, and headed out first thing the next morning. 
The scenery was picture perfect and we had huge smiles stuck to our faces! 
Our holiday adventure was about to begin...

This house looked like the perfect spot to kick back on the patio & watch the world cruise by.

First thing we spotted was this yacht o' architectural wonder... We were surprised to see this boat as we had last seen it in Bonifacio, Corsica about 6 years ago when we did some bareboating there. (which I highly recommend. That place was epic!)
Brad and I were headed to Cane Garden Bay to anchor for the evening.
It's topography was as colorful as the people who visited. 
We had to navigate the coral heads when anchoring, but Brad handled that expertly. 

This town was a cruise ship stop, however they cleared out 
in the late afternoon and peace was restored. 
We had a good giggle watching this feral pack of dogs chase the ATV down the beach.
The sheer number of lounge chairs was unreal.
They stacked them daily after the cruise ship passengers left.
      Below you can see the stacks of them down the sand.
This is someones oceanfront backyard. 
It was quiet as a mouse when we walked back...
You can see INCOGNITO on the far left of the photo anchored out.
A few stragglers were holed up at Tony's place.
And we headed back to the boat to enjoy what was left of our afternoon.
I sat on the deck and caught up on some reading...
And awaited this glorious sunset.

We ended up at Quitos for dinner that night and were completely entertained watching some drunk boaters get crazy with the natives...I wish I had photos of that. We watched what looked like a group of women from the midwest practicing their dirty dancing "moves" on some local Rastafarians. 
It was awesome and we couldn't stop laughing! 

The next morning we headed over to Jost Van Dyke. Each of these islands are extremely close to one another and it's about a 30 minute cruise to most of them for us.
As soon as we dropped anchor, we headed to shore to check it out. The bay was gorgeous!
The customs office is inside the police station, so off to the "po-po" Brad went so that he could ask a few questions about our departure at a later date. 
I stayed outside and took in the local color. 
Love the homemade signage. It lent a real charm to the non-commercialization of these islands.
This bar doubled as the local taxi stand.
And this was their taxi...fancy shmancy!
The main dirt road on Jost Van Dyke.
An old army jeep with a skeleton in the drivers seat...a local fave.
The scuba shop was fun to look at. Oodles of color!
A neighbors kayaks at the ready.
This scenery was soooooo pretty!
I loved how creative this restaurant signage was. 
It was made up from a bunch of washed up beach nuggets. Love their use of up-cycling.
A lone Christmas tree added to their holiday flair.

A beachside picnic table.
A little waterfront restaurant-shack called Wendell's World.
This is Wendell. I died laughing!! Holy COW!
I wonder what goes on in the kitchen of his restaurant?
Further down the road is the infamous bar...Foxy's.
They even had their own kayak rental station.
Foxy's is a unique spot, and the rafters of this place are filled with boaters t-shirts, hats, burgees and any kind of personal paraphernalia you could think of. 
Brad was my stand in model.
Turns out Brad had a surprise for me...he and the boys had already left one of our old burgees and mounted it a palm tree when they were here last. Love those tricksters!

It was there that I spotted this idyllic scenery. 
We headed back to the dock and cruised over to...
The Soggy Dollar Bar for lunch. This place was a scene and busy as ever. 
High season was in full gear!
They are famous for inventing the "painkiller" drink, which I of course had to try. It tasted like a skinny piña colada, just quit stronger. I sipped it slowly being the lightweight I am.
And here's why this place has the moniker is will get wet maneuvering out of your dingy as there' no dock. We dropped our little dingy anchor and treaded some water to shore. 
Your money does ends up a tad soggy...all part of the FUN!

They have a chart on the bar wall where you can buy their signature "painkiller" cocktail for friends who will be visiting their bar in the future. They write their names on the calendar with how many drinks you purchased for them. Clever!
The beach was packed with tourists...
We took a walk to check out the other beach bars along the sandy beach. 
Lots of people watching to be had.
Rules were still in place...
I wonder who was the enforcer and what would happen if you disobeyed?
I'll imagine this scenario for the fun of it.

Peace Out.

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