Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Stanley Cay, Bahamas Baby!

After a swift cruise south with high winds on the rise, we departed Exuma Land and Sea Park... 
This is so beautiful I want to pinch myself!
Heading south to Staniel Cay. 
We arrived to their gorgeous bay to much of our collective delight and docked ourselves
at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club.

After our arrival at Staniel Cay, the winds whipped up and it was apparent we would be there for two nights instead of the one night we had planned on. Such is boating though, and we were all too happy to be able to stay there for another night!

The scenery was fabulous!
Debbie was so excited to get there, she was practicing her jazz hands!

All tied up secure at the dock. 
These little pastel cottages are de riguer here in the Caribbean. 

You can't make this stuff up...
Does this island ooze charm or what?
Dingy beach. How cute its the place?!
As we walked, we ran into this guy who was from "Bollywood" India, and waxed poetic about his accomplishments as a famous cinematographer there. We silently giggled, as the odds of him being full of b.s. we're quite strong. He may have been smokin' something. 
However, he was quite sweet to snap our photo and show off his cinematic abilities. 
Such beauties inside & out.
On our walk out exploring the island, we found the local jeweler's house. She came out and welcomed us...some of the girls found some great souvenirs to take home!
Laura and the jewelers daughter were outside causing trouble of the best kind.
We also found some locals enjoying a lazy afternoon.
Their laundry enjoyed it too...

We spotted one neighbor who had some crabbies in a cage. 
Is that dinner or are they pets we wondered?

And in case we had plans (oh yes!) to patronize the lone Marina restaurant in our bathing suits, they just couldn't be wet. I love this place! 

They had just finished renovating the interior of the restaurant. and it was a great spot for our dinner the first night.
The view wasn't bad either!
The scenery was one you could drink in all day. 

Should you have a need to visit their health clinic..I wouldn't recommend it. It looked a tad rustic by their signage...
I adored the billboard advertising for the Pink Pearl Market. 
And an even fancier billboard down the road...complete with conch shell adornment.
Local folk art adorned the sea walls. 
Was this guy gifted this by his Bubbie?
Then we met the local teacher who came or of his house to chat us up and show us a few local handicrafts for sale. Laura scored a conch shell right outta his yard. 
We made our way back to the yacht club and found Brad showing off his dancing skills.
Soon, we all joined him on the porch...
and then we had the great idea to get us some wheels!
The best way to tour the island was via golf cart...
And who could decide which road to take?
Brad and Duracell Deb had been out walking instead of joining us on the golf cart so that they could max out their exercise. We later had to scoop them up along the road and cram in the golf cart as the skies opened up and a massive downpour ensued. 
Anchh sporting her latest "modeling pose" had her hoodie up to keep her 'do looking fab. 
Bonefishing is a local pastime, but not at this bridge.
Brad thought he'd try a phone booth to phone home, but alas it was missing the handset. 
Just playing...

There were surprises around every turn!
We then found some local fishermen slicing and dicing their days' haul, and their castoffs 
were thrown out in front of them to the nurse sharks.
We later ended up swimming right there, and when I asked why a whole lobster was right below my feet I learned it was a castoff too. HA! E-gads. We sure must have wanted a swim!
This little friend came to say hello.
Then it was back to the yacht club for a pool shark showdown. 
Everyone had some seriously smooth moves!
Brad expertly turns his pool stick into a microphone for some Jimmy Buffet harmonies...
Click on this link to watch his blistering performance. 

Later he was busy holding court with some fellow friendly cruisers...
This sweet lab was right in the middle of all the afternoon action. 
And after we spotted an old NHYC burgee hanging, it was time to create another one to add to the madness and leave a memento. 
Brad continued to make new friends and they all dazzled each other with fish tales. 

The girls and I had fun entertaining ourselves...
A friendly game of "heads-up" broke out late that afternoon in between our games of pool and some afternoon showers. 
Too much FUN we had and our days were action packed!!

Bish was busy prepping some fabulous dinner for all of us...
And tried a few new vegan recipes from the Thug Kitchen cookbook. 
And then... Game night was on!
Game of choice...Scattegories. Thus, a toast was in order.
And after that..it was time for some sleep as we had a long cruise planned for the next day.

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