Monday, November 2, 2015

Big Majors, Exuma Islands, Bahamas. OINK*OINK!

Well, today was a major "bucket list" day as we pulled up at Big Major Cay (just north of Staniel Cay) and met the swimming PIGS! Who knew you could swim with Wilber?!
I was BEYOND psyched!!
What I wasn't prepared for were the MASSIVE feral HOGS! I thought they would be a manageable size, not a size that could manage me and more like a small pony. 
This experience is bananas....B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!!!!!
The pigs are regularly fed by those who go out to visit them. They even swim out to you as you pull up in your boat by the shore...looking for some nibbles. They control and roam the island on their own terms. Most of their day is spent in the shade unless their neighbor is throwing a cocktail party. No one knows exactly how the piggies got there. Some note that it might have been from a shipwreck way back when, and others think that they were left by some cruisers in hopes of returning to that island for a future meal and never came back.
We knew it was going to be crazy, but not anything like this...
Laura & this hog we're all smiles for their selfie. 
This is when a rouge hog thought someone could be his tasty appetizer. 

We absolutely loved interacting with these babies...

Action shot!
This is the HOG 9000 model..
Oh look...bacon & eggs! Where did that rooster come from??
This is an awesome underwater shot of the stingray & the pigs. Wendy got it on her Go Pro!
He's got his eye on Brad. Dun dun dun...
Luckily one of these hogs was a good photographer.
My close encounter...stranger danger!
Angela was quite brave and could see eye to eye with this hog...
Here poochie....
And then..THIS! If the video doesn't play, click on this link. 
It's EPIC at the end of the video...You're going to crack-up. Footage courtesy of Wangs!
Now you feel like this, right?
oh come on....
Oh're making me laugh so hard I could cry.
I opted to feed this guy some fresh fruit to see if he liked it. 
I had my own close encounter... Kisses!
Then Brad told me to get my face AWAY from the crazy pig QUICK. HA!
How cute is this little snorkeler?
To get this shot was a riot. Where on earth do yo see farm animals swimming with a stingray?
and one last video nugget... click the link if it doesn't play!
This is a memory we will never forget!
An exhausting day for these swines.

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