Thursday, November 5, 2015

Chat and Chill, Stocking Island Bahamas

We departed that dreaded nasty Marina entrance through 4-5' waves. Just as we are about to head through them, we see a bunch of surfers in the water. That was a surprise! Luckily we sped through it as they moved aside, and we were looking forward to a run on flat seas as the wind had really died down since our last voyage. Phew!
A spectacular day for a cruise. 
Brad and Sid enjoyed the short half hour run we had to the Chat & Chill, which is a bar/restaurant on Stocking Cay just off of Georgetown, Exumas. 

We dropped anchor just offshore, as we planned to spend the night right there.

Soon Bish had the "relaxation station" inflated and before I knew it the boys were out on it. 
But then.. It was time to dive into the Chat & Chill experience!

Those two were so in sync, they were busting out their best Esther Williams moves!
Before pulling up to the Chat & Chill, we cruised around their little island cay to check out the boaters as we could see a ton of masts. And houseboats for that matter. Some were quite the oddity too. 

Sadly, One was still stuck ashore from Hurricane Joaquin a few weeks ago.
And you never know what may lurk below... How cute this signage was!

You don't want to mess with the the barracuda..otherwise Stevie Nicks will be all up in your harbor.
We soon realized why we spotted so many sailboat masts behind one hill... This protected harbor on the other side of it was a hurricane hole. What's a hurricane hole you ask? it means it is more protected area for a boat in the chance of a hurricane erupting. 
We cruised around some more in the HOT sun and marveled at the aqua blue waters. 
There were some gorgeous estates just off of Georgetown. 
And then Brad wanted to show me Lake Victoria. It looked like a dubious passage to get through...
Nothing we couldn't handle though. Plenty of room! 

The other side of the entrance on Lake's just a tiny inlet.

Then we headed out...Chat & Chill here we come!

Brad expertly floated us ashore...
And there we were. 

Welcome to the Chat & Chill. A place like no other.

If you wanted some tasty fresh Conch (which I opted out sea snails for me. I'm conked out)

This is their conch salad shack...

And this is the guy who throws out the old shells on the sand when they have been emptied out.

Their totem pole of directional signs was their piece de resistance.
Everyone and their brother, and their brothers' brother left a memento behind. Who takes license plates on their trips though?
This is their little beach charming.

This was funny. You can de-sand to walk back out on the sand.
Today happened to be BBQ day. The boys were psyched!

One of us contributed to their graffiti bar. I'm not naming names.
Out in front, you can grab some cast off conch and feed it to the stingrays who were all too happy to slurp it out of your hand.

Bish had fun fishing off the back of the edible whoppers were caught sadly.

The Chat & Chill even had oodles of feral cats. How cute they were!

And then it was time to leave a memento of our own behind...

One INCOGNITO t-shirt ordered up! The only trick was that Brad & Sid had to hang it themselves. This was the most entertaining part of the day..HA!
Sunset was again magical. There's something about the skyline, sunrises & sunsets in the Caribbean. They are truly like no other and remind oneself to count their blessings!
At lest we think so...

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