Saturday, October 24, 2015

Atlantis Adventures!

After enjoying our first night at the Nassau Marina at Atlantis /Paradise Island, Bish got the boat "ship shape" and prepped for my girlfriends arrival. 

Debbie, Angela, Laura and Wendy all braved a red eye flight from LA in order to maximize our playtime at Atlantis. Such champs!
As soon as they arrived and got settled in, we found a "straw market" and had fun perusing their handmade items. We departed the next day, so timing was essential to fit everything in that we all wanted to experience. 
This woman was the absolute nicest shopkeeper ever and greeted each of us with a warm hug. 
The people of the Bahamas sure seem to be nicer than anywhere else!
Angela even spotted some must have turtle salt shakers. Ha!
We had our marina golf cart driver chaperone us around. He was hilarious!
Then... It was time for us to hit their MASSSIVE water park! 
First up... The water slides! 
We all felt like a bunch of kids having a blast all afternoon.
We went through a long dark tube riding individual inner tubes. Once we plummeted down some very sharp & scary turns in the dark, we ended up floating through the shark tank. What a surreal scene that was...
There's another water slide that has a 65' drop and shoots you through a tube in the shark tank. We chickened out for that one. 
We had a ball racing on the tandem water slide below. It was scarier than it looks... Some of us even hydroplaned midway down it. We roared with laughter once we came up for air out of the water & double checked that our bathing suits were still intact. It was SO much fun!! The only caveat- once we descended this slide... All of us girls rushed to the bathroom as it made us feel that we had to "GO"! (Which turned out to not be the case.) Embarrassing and hilarious all the same. 
Next up was the inner tube slide that dumped us onto a "lazy river" that actually was filled with intermittent rapids. Even better and it felt like a bonus round that lasted over an hour. We could have been on that rapid river for hours, but sadly they closed at 6pm. Wah wah.
Afterwards the girls, Brad and I roamed the park to make sure we didn't miss a thing. Even in some pouring tropical rain, the fun was not about to end. 
Brad adorned himself with the greatest conversation starter... A TRUMP hat. 
Gifted by the girlies of course. What a crack up and Brad loved it!!
We toured the underground aquarium after we exhausted the water slides. 
However, to get to the aquarium we had to walk through the casino and that was dubious...none of us could decide to imbibe or not as there was "action" everywhere. Ha!!
Most of us weren't big gamblers, so we passed on that activity. 
Walking around in our wet bathing suits was luckily another deterrent as well. 

And the only thing to cap off a great day was a wonderful Italian dinner that night. Fun was had by all and I couldn't believe the girls all rallied to such an extent after taking the red eye!

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