Monday, August 3, 2015

Red Sox at Fenway!

We were psyched beyond measure for this game as it was the Sox vs. The Florida Marlins. We were on our way across town in a cab to pick up our dear friends Roger & Dee who just flew in from Austrailia. We told Kevin & Gael we would meet them at the game as we couldn't all fit in a cab. As soon as I greeted Roger & Dee, they gave me an odd look as I could only chat with them in my British accent. They must have thought I was crackers, and I had to explain the bet Brad had made with Gael and I. They are such "gamers" and throughly enjoyed my rendition of the English language. Ha-ha! Rog quickly brought me up to speed on some fabulous slang, as he was born in England and had first hand knowledge. Lucky me!

The game was upon us and we were so excited to share it with all our friends! This was one night where our guests overlapped and it was epic. 
We entered the ballpark with anticipation running through our veins!
Roger was his hysterical self and beyond excited to get there. He and Dee even showed up wearing their Red Sox red!

Souvenir Nachos? I hate to think how that works... Or ends for that matter. 

          This stadium was packed!
Roger and Dee had just arrived the day before from Australia and here they are not remotely adjusted to our time zone and at this awesome ballpark enjoying Americas pastime. Good on them! (As these Aussies say) These two are just the sweetest!
The stadium was starting to slowly fill up. 
Bish was causing trouble as Marlin heckler extraordinaire. (His hometown team) Just hysterical!
I had to keep Bish in check on his teams' efforts. 
"People watching" was epic and fans go to great lengths for their beloved teams. 
                     No duh. Haha!
                 Roger was on fire!
Brad had gotten THE best seats for all of us. Couldn't have been better! We sat behind the owner of the Marlins. Wah Wah. He lost. 
We were looking forward to Kevin & Roger meeting for the first time. We knew they would be besties within 5 minutes and it was true. 
       Meanwhile... Gael chowed down. 
We surveyed the ballplayers stretching between innings to keep it interesting. 
I don't know what fashion sense Brad & Roger were up to here. Silly bloakes. 
Gael and I felt left out so we worked our best fish lip impression. 
The fuzz was on watch. Behind him that wall is otherwise known as The Green Monstah!
And THEN... Kevin leaned over to me and said he had talked to the security guard about getting Roger a game ball and needed my help sealing the dealio. I was happy to oblige! So I sauntered over to said security bloke in my best fancy lady British and he busted me on my accent in 2 seconds flat. I laughed hysterically and told him I had a bet to win and it was imperative that I kept speaking in my British accent. I then had to explain why Roger should get a game ball & was here with his wife from Austrailia. Not only did he come through, but he asked us to wait until the stadium emptied out so we could get a photo on the field. What?!! This was beyond exciting!
There were even grass stains on the ball. Authentic as can be. Thanks to Kevin & his awesome idea. Both boys had tears! Roger & Dee were speechless & had the best time at their first baseball game ever.
   We watched the post game wrap up. 
  Gael and I were ready for our close-up
Brad surveyed the scene.. Pleased as punch. It was "happening"!!!
Security led us out onto the field for our post game photo op. Wooohoooo!!!
We made the field! This was too much fun to bear. 
We couldn't depart the field without our signature pose of course!! It's Fenway after all...
Afterwards we hit up a great gastropub across the street from Fenway. It was ramped up as can be and made livelier with our arrival of "loud talkers"! Haha. 
Rog ordered up loads of charcuterie platters and truffle fries all around. 
Gael and I were too thirsty for words.  She double timed me though. Lol!
And the best signage of the night...The Loo! The perfect ending to an awesome day and where we would leave our British accents as the clock strikes 12! 

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