Thursday, August 13, 2015

Boothbay, Maine

Boothbay was a town I'd never heard of, but sure seemed
 to be the LOBSTAH capital of the eastern seaboard. 

Yes, lobster is pronounced "lobstah" in these parts. 
Often, accents are so thick it's hard to understand someone. 
Pulling into town we dodged more lobster traps than any others so far. See those brights things bobbing in the water? Traps everywhere and even at the mouth of the harbor and farther inward. So hard to not run over! Brad expertly navigated them so we didn't cut the line and get it wrapped in our prop. That was not an option. 
The topography was beautiful and you could smell the fresh air and scent of fir trees dancing on the wind. 
Roger, an avid fisherman had fun as Brads co-pilot through all the lobster traps. 
      Lobster boats were out en force. 
And if you don't use a trap, these are hard to catch! Slippery little suckers....
   One tugboat was even turned into a popular local restaurant. 
Our mighty Incognito flying the Austrailian flag proudly (gifted by Roger & Dee) here in Boothbay. 
Rog & Dee snuck in a side trip to the local homemade fudge factory. Those sneaky buggers! Yum yum. 
Boothbay was definitely small town America and a quiet one. 
I can't imagine what they do here in the winter. 
The town was incredibly charming however!
It dated back hundreds of years...
When the tide goes out here, you'd think lobster traps would reveal themselves since it went out so far. 
The center of town had a darling church.
            Original interiors intact!
They have a great monument to all of the local fisherman who have lost their lives on the sea. 
I somehow found the Gordon's Fisherman and ducked for cover. 
The gem of town was the Boothbay Lobster shack! 
You can walk up and pick out your lobster....
And they will steam it up in massive pots of boiling water. 
Poor little guy...he doesn't know what's about to happen. 
I spotted some local fisherman bringing in their morning catch. 
I also learned that they set their traps and catch lobster all year long! 
That was a surprise due to their heavy FREEZING winters. 
The lobsters are inspected to see if there are any females
 with eggs as those get thrown back in the ocean. 
Their claws are banded and then they are separated by size. These babies are a cornucopia of color. 
       I loved their lobster boat. Ha-ha!
Brad and I had fun perusing their lobster tank warehouse. 
It was surprising how many lobstahs were here in the "holding" tanks. 
Somehow it reminded me of that movie Cocoon. 

Just down the road from the lobster place was this tree. 
I'm sure there are hilarious stories about it around town. 
Brad and I discussed the merits of this charming town 
while Peter Puffin stood watch in the foreground. 
And then he somehow made it to the pilot house.. Aye aye Captain! 
    Who is this charming puffin you ask? Well, it's the mascot of The Puffin Magic Foundation. The Puffing Magic Foundation stems from the incredibly awe inspiring story of Roger & Dees' son James who has not only overcome the hindrances of an accident in Zambia that rendered him a quadrapalegic, but he continues to inspire others on a global scale. The foundation not only raises money for James and his continued lifelong recovery, but others who find themselves in these necessitous circumstances around the world. Click on the link below for more details!

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