Monday, August 3, 2015

Boston Baby!

Again, my blog is behind and this post is from early July. Better late than never!

We pulled into Boston to much delight. Flat seas and nice warm weather... Dock Plan in hand.
There's nothing like pulling into the marina of a big city!
I was surprised we got there so quickly from Provincetown!
Backing into our slip was a challenge that looked daunting as ever. Not for Brad though! He expertly navigated us along the dock. 

Meanwhile, I channeled my inner astronaut. 
After exhausting myself with the thrills of deep space travel, we came upon these hilarious street performers. I need to get Brad a kilt STAT! 
Anyone fancy some tea?
We hiked the 3 miles around the Freedom Trail which is a must when in Beantown. 
There is a long brick line in the sidewalk that delineates the Freedom Trail 
by a row of bricks as you walk the city streets. 

We made our way to Paul Reveres house and toured inside of it. What a great relic of U.S. History and it was loaded with artifacts galore. Right down to the "Revereware" utensils. 
This called for our signature pose. 
And I enjoyed the tour so much I had to bust another move...
There was even a huge statue erected to memorialize Paul Revere in the town square. 
One of the highlights in Boston is listening to their accent. Everything is accentuated and often can be hard to decipher. They love to use the term "wicked" in lieu of an adjective like "amazing". 
Bostonians have their own vocabulary 
And one that can often be difficult for a westerner to make sense of. This handy guide should help!

Kevin & Gael kept their cool under the summer sun. 
The boys busted our "signature move" at a local watering hole where we grabbed  a spot of lunch. 
 It was at this very place where Gael & I were joking around in our best British accents and then Brad bet us that we couldn't speak in English accents for the rest of the day until midnight. "Game on" we said! Speaking in a continuous British accent wasn't as easy as it sounded, but we spent the rest of that day cracking ourselves up everytime we spoke to each other or anyone else we came across.
Gael was in prime form. 

Shopkeepers would compliment our accents and ask where we were from. 
I told them we were from England...
the Cotswolds to be exact. It took real effort to not break character and bust out in hysterics. Should you wish to try your hand at British english and their ever-so-colorful slang, this handy guide should do the trick. It's the dogs bollocks!

We later saw this creative & touching war memorial dedicated to our fallen heroes of the Iran & Afghan wars. The dog tags clinked together when the wind blew and not only did it resonate, but sent a chill up your spine. God bless our troops. 

We ventured over to The Old North Church and although I wasn't able to photograph the lanterns in the steeple, those are the very lanterns that in 1775 warned the townspeople of the March of the British troops. They've done a great job preserving this city. 
Inside the church was the oddest arrangement of church pews I've ever seen. There were church boxes all connected together, and when sitting inside of them it was hard to see out unless you were very tall. I couldn't imagine this kind of worship. 

   Gael worked her best British vocal stylings. 

Then we found the political equivalent of "pick your poison"...
Republican or Democrat. 
I'll take the ELEPHANTS please!! The elephant icon was born in 1874 in the imagination of cartoonist Thomas Nash in Harpers Weekly.
O-Yeah!!!!! Adios POTUS!

We walked into this beautiful cemetery to see how far back it dated, which turned out to be the 1600's. 
This grave marker caught my eye as the artistry was poetic. 
Turns out it was the most famous gravestone there due to how elaborate it was.
This was another grave marker with intricate detail and what I'm guessing is a family crest. 
We toured the Cranary Burial Ground. A  graveyard from 1660 where many famous forefathers 
& victims of Boston Massacre were laid to rest in 1770. 

A trip to Beantown would not be complete without spotting the eponymous Cheers!

This is Trinity Church. It's absolutely breathtaking and an architectural feat. 

These kneeling stools were all embroidered by hand and each one had a different pattern and something iconic that it represented from the bible. 
I'm betting there's a sweet church group of women who are responsible 
for them & keep these in good shape. 
The ice cream man is always a welcome sight & hasn't gone out of style. 
Next up on the popular route... A taco truck. These must have been the best foodie nuggets in town for everyone to wait out in the 90 degree heat. 
We jumped aboard the trolley tour to scope out the underbelly of the city. 
Gael couldn't even stand this excitement!
This guy couldn't either...unless he was on his way to a proctology appointment. 
I love seeing these good friends crack each other up! Brad & Kevin set out on their own tour in our tender while Gael and I checked out some city sights. 
Jellies were everywhere in the marina multiplying like bunnies. 
Oh wait..these guys aren't jellies. ha!
Brad & Kevin went in search of an infamous lock and had a ball traversing it. Brad explained how it was engineered and similar to the ones in Panama we experienced. 
They even found the duck tour buses cruising the Boston harbor. 

We all arrived back on the boat after a long day of touring and came home to some wonderful appetizers that Captain Bish had prepared. Nom nom!
Next up... Fenway baby!!

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