Thursday, July 9, 2015

P-Town, MA.

We had a great cruise to Provincetown from Nantucket and traversed the Cape Cod canal during our passage. 
As we passed the jetty, a sea of blackbirds lined the shore. You could smell their stink miles away!
Bish expertly navigated to our mooring ball. 
Kevin & Gael couldn't stand the suspense of experiencing P-Town...just knowing it was on the horizon gave them goosebumps. (No sarcasm here)
   Provincetown awaited our exploration. 
Once tied up at our mooring ball, we hailed the local boat taxi and made our way to town. 
I loved their old lines stacked along the dock. So mistakenly artistic. 
     Kev & Gael were posing perfection. 
   How cute was this parking lot booth decorated in various buoys?!
 Town was lively. Let the festivities begin!
We popped into town hall to get a little dose of history. 
Provincetown is known for being a strong LGBT community. They welcome & celebrate everyone from all walks of life. Arriba P-Town Pride!
            Characters abounded. 
   And shops had their own local flavor. 
You could dress (or not) to your hearts content!
This was a clever seating ensemble as the crab traps were filled with oyster shells. 
        And free streetside massages. 
                   This slayed me!
            Brad & Kevin fit right in. 
And Barbies Dream House never looked this fun!
Ken better amp up with his workouts!
    We then trekked like Pilgrims to the top of a huge hill in the scorching sun...
    It didn't even phase Gael, that faker. 
We checked out their local museum       which was quite well done.
And then Gael and I had to prove our strength. 
Brad found his sweet spot & contemplated politics. 
While Kevin searched out local edibles. 
Gael serenaded us on the deep blue sea. 
And a perfect P-Town day was had by all. 

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