Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Norwalk and Greenwich, CT

Cruising the shores of Greenwich was truly idyllic and definitely what I pictured for the east coast. 
There's quite a fun & storied history on this town. Click here to read this nugget from a past issue of Vanity Fair.
Brad was busy surveying the scene as we pulled into our slip in Norwalk, CT. 
It was a good sized Marina and a great location. 
Sailboats were lined up and picture perfect. 
Ours however, needed a major "spa day" from our last run. 
That Hudson River was quite the dirty bird. 
The photo below shows you the clean part vs the dirt. Eeeow. 
After we arrived, Mary and I took an "über" to check out downtown Greenwich. 
while the boys attended to "man stuff" on the boat. 
  When we got back, I was quite busy in my blogs' office. HA!
Bish did a terrific job tidying up the lines.     
   So artistic & impressive! 
The pier in Norwalk has great cutting boards for working out 
your best "Ginsu" knife moves on your catch of the day. 
It even has a ruler along the back for easy measuring. The scent here is divine.
They have a great beach complete with lifeguards and their girlfriends. It's a two-for-one special! 

The Norwalk Marina is actually quite large. Loads of boats in the boatyard...
Mostly sailboats though.
The marina is complete with a fab mini golf course.
Brad was ready for a showdown...dun dun dun.
                                                  Brad. Ever the charmer in his casual duds...
 Docked at our slip. 
          Home sweet home!

We went for a drive one afternoon, checked out Westport, Connecticut and then drove north and found ourselves in gorgeous Weston, Connecticut. What a treasure trove of beautiful estates!!
The oldest we saw dated back to 1760. Even the stop signs in this town had their own planters. Charming!
Such pride of ownership in this sweet-as-sugar suburb. 
These blooming trees were everywhere and beautiful as can be. 
         And texting was a big no-no!
Then, Brad & I decided it was time to head back and bust out our tender...
We had to take it out for a spin on this gorgeous day. 
A fishing boat with their crab cages loaded up. 
We came upon some gorgeous swans, however they were startled by our closeness. 
         We weren't startled however...
     The scenery was perfect. 
            My art shot of the day. 
And our fave tender!
Normally I'm the captain of the tender, 
but I was happy to let my first mate take the helm.
Out cruising, we saw this great house 
           all alone on its own island. 
But we were transfixed on the couple out along the shoreline digging for something...China perhaps?
Then we spotted three others busy digging for gold. 
What was going on here at low tide?
Well, this sweet woman was kind enough to come over to us as we pulled up alongside her in our tender. 
She showed us her haul of specialty clams and said they were a locals secret. (This means I sadly won't be able to divulge the lat/long coordinates.) She was prepping for a dinner party and had all kinds of plans for them. Stuffed clams, clam chowder, clams casino... 
She was English & sassy as can be, so I'm betting she liked her cocktails. 
She probably even made her own Clamato for Bloody Mary's!

    The water was like a sheet of glass. 
By now you may recognize my large hat obsession...
So fun and a great way to keep the sun at bay. 
Wrinkles be damned. Some of you have asked what sunscreen I like to use...
Suntegrity. My fave organic sunscreen that I swear by!
It could not have been a more perfect day out!
There were tons of these flagged sticks out and about in the sound. My only guess was that there were some kind of traps below them. You really had to keep a good eye out as some of them were broken off and you could run into them so easily. These buggers were all over the place!
The best way to end the day...with a gorgeous sunset! 
Tomorrow we head home until our next journey from Norwalk to Marthas Vineyard.
But before we headed out the next morning, Bish had prepped the perfect healthy send off...
A yummy breakfast before we departed to catch our flight!

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