Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kennebunkport, Maine

We spotted this stellar ship en route from Boston. So fun to see it with all its sails up. 
The tide was low pulling into Kennebunkport, but the weather was idyllic as the sun had come out and was cruising perfection. 
Lots of lobster boats line the harbor entrance. 
The scenery was absolutely beautiful!
What's that boat I see? Looks like the Secret Service! 
Pulling into our slip was easy peasy & their deckhands were at the ready. 
What's this? Another secret service boat! Jeb was at the Bush family compound here hosting a fundraiser and the secret service boys were put into action. 

Roger & Brad checked into the marina office as soon as we arrived and handled all of the paperwork. 
    Here they are strutting their stuff. 
Turns out, the secret service docks a few boats down from ours. Exciting as I love this kinda spy stuff!
Just in front of their boat was that of George Bush senior. He had what I like to call a "go-fast" boat. Those 3 outboard engines are lightening fast! The seat had an official presidential logo on both sides of it too. 

We all decided to get a rental car and take a drive around town. This was St Annes Episcopal Chapel and just stunning. It was built in 1887. 
      What a view for summer services. 

     The Bush family Compound. 

Roger & Dee were taking in every morsel of this beautiful town. Those lovebirds!

      A different kind of local color. 
Lobster traps on this dock were used as a staging area for some local fishermen. 
Even a station to weigh your massive catch. 
Lobster traps were ready and waiting!
We headed back into town and had dinner at The Kennebunkport Inns' restaurant called One Dock Prime. It was delicious. 
We thoroughly enjoyed eating outdoors on such a beautiful night! 
Directional signs in the center of town. Charming as can be. 
That evening, Dee had a great idea for all of us to take in some local theater. We took a drive, ventured out into the country and found ourselves at an old barn that was a few hundred years old. The perfect setting for a local theater production... We saw The Adams Family and really well done & quite entertaining. We had such a great night with them!

Heading back to our dock, I badly wanted a photo op inside the tender of the Secret Service. Brad poo-poo'd me sadly. Wah wah. Turns out they have cameras and probably microphones on it, so good thing I behaved. (This time)
We awoke to this beautiful scenery the next morning. 
Something about Kennebunkport reminded Brad and I of the summer camps of our youth. The fresh air smelled divine. 
Of course, I was back to check out the Secret Service boat as we headed out for a morning bike ride...Still lamenting I wasn't inside it. Ha!

Here we are all tied up. Our fenders weren't as large as our boat neighbor however. 
Oh to be a vintage Riva... My fave! 
This is what it looks like when the tide is out on the far eastern side of town. Not a lot of fishing goes down this time of day. 
These bird houses are replicas of the lobster trap buoys that dot the coastline and make you crazy trying to dodge all of them. 
And this heap of art was yours for the taking at a local antique shop. 

Brad and I biked to a Monastery one day and found it to be quite the serene spot. The guy on the far left of the photo was working on his Tai Chi moves and was getting his namaste on. 
These bowls were possibly for candles. 
Roger & Dee presented us with two of the best hostess gifts! Roger handmade the tray in the photo below and carried it with him from Australia. Dee had it painted to match the grey fabric in our boat. So thoughtful & too special for words!
And then they brought us an Austrailian flag compete with boxing kangaroo! We proudly flew it from the fly bridge for their entire trip. Love it!
A fabulous "Bishtastic" dinner was enjoyed by all that night and could not have completed our day any better! 
     This sunset was the finishing touch!

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