Sunday, July 12, 2015

Camden, Maine

Camden Maine is the northernmost point of our trip. We've clocked about 8,000 miles and can't believe we've come so far. 
Thank goodness Brad has kept everything on track and seamless for our big adventure!! Meow. 
Roger took his turn at the wheel and had a ball! 
Camden was another gem of coastal Maine. 
Bish whipped up a wonderful lunch for all of us to enjoy. Healthy & clean.. Just like we like it!
This boat running next to us named "Catalina Dreaming" we met in the Nantucket marina. They were from Huntington Beach funny enough!

We put out some lines while underway as Roger & Bish were dying to fish and catch a BIG one! Bish came through, albeit with an odd looking specimen. A rockfish maybe? 
       He was a mean little sucker. 
Roger caught a guppie or two, but they were camera shy and had to run home. 

Camden looked like a great port to reside at for a few nights. 

Our AC was on the fritz and it turned out that we had a huge jellyfish on our intake. Bish took one for the team and dove into the 60 degree water... Jellyfish and all. 
After the jellyfish blob was removed, the AC was back. Phew! That was a close one. 
Dee and I took the local water taxi into town to go exploring while the boys attended to their sausage fest on board. Haha!!
             Adios muchachos!
Dee and I were told we had to check out the towns central library as it was historic. I don't know about being "moved" by the library action, however this waterfall in town was much more entertaining!
This signage was a total crack-up however! 
I liked how the neighbors defended their territory. 
What beautiful scenery!
This was a bridge that connected one side of town to the other along the river. 
  You could drink in this imagery. 
  Sunset. The perfect end to the day. 

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