Thursday, June 4, 2015

Crisfield and Annapolis, Maryland

En route to Annapolis, (it was chilly as can be!) we had an overnight stop in Crisfield. Why haven't you heard of this city you ask? Well, I don't even know if it's on the locals' radar moreless evoke a national presence. The town grew as a small fishing village once the Pennsylvania Railroad was brought through here. Crisfield is the southernmost city in Maryland. 

   Oh captain, my captain! He did an amazing job navigating up the Chesapeake...
However, crab pots were EVERYWHERE! 
and we dodged around 
them like a ball in a pinball machine. 

The fog became so dense at times it was hard to imagine it was almost June. 
And then 5 minutes later the sun would come out and the weather continued to vacillate. 
Below is the port of Crisfield. 
Crabbing capital of the east they proclaim. 
The city had an eerie vibe and seemed somewhat abandoned. It was a place an outlaw would hangout and be anonymous. 
The FBI must have a surveillance unit somewhere....haha! 
           It was a nice enough marina.
Our slip was here on the long end of the dock. 
The local crab pot maker was a busy guy. It appeared to be the only industry. 

The next afternoon we arrived in Annapolis. Yay! No more creepy towns like Crisfeld where murderers probably hideout. (Just kidding mom!) ha!
We pulled into what is called "Ego Alley" and docked there for a few nights. This "alley" is smack in the middle of downtown Annapolis and a stones throw from the Naval Academy. 
We arrived in port on Mothers Day and everyone and their mothers' mother 
were out enjoying the gorgeous weather. 
           Such a storybook town. 

And again they packed us on top of another boat, but luckily they were only there for the afternoon. 
Town was bustling and such a charmer!
   Boats were everywhere in the harbor.
This was the local water taxi to get you from one end of town to the other. 
We thought it was a great idea to take one to dinner and Bish came with us. 
The Kunta Kinte memorial is right in the middle of town. If you ever saw the TV movie Roots, it was based on the life of a slave named Kunta Kinte. 
And then we spotted some electric Duffys. 
They are obviously quite popular here on the eastern seaboard. 

There was a local watering hole called Pussers which was a popular cocktail spot. 
If you kept your eyes peeled, I'm sure you'd have some boozy sights to see..

The weekend we were there, they had a huge national high school sailing regatta championships. 
And who won? Newport Harbor High of course! 
   The harbor was later calm as can be. 
Everywhere in old town people dressed in period costumes offered walking tours of the historic sites. 
       This was their Capitol building 
          and quite charming. 
We went up and checked out the senate chambers. 
Here was their "scoreboard" and how they kept track of votes in the house. 
     Everything was roped off to keep     "lookey-loos" in check. 
  However it didn't stop this lookey-loo!
And then...
George Washington photo bombed us!
          We then hiked over to the naval     academy to check out the campus. 
It was huge and really beautiful. No water shortage or drought here!
This street had great historic homes on it that housed officers and their families. Very nice accommodations! 
This house was for the university superintendent. Shmancy!
This was a chapel on campus. Your tax dollars at work.
We walked past the Annapolis Yacht Club en route to din din one night. It looked like the granddaddy of yacht clubs in town. 
Their sailboats all tucked in for the night. 
And then the sun set on the horizon after a great stay in Annapolis. 

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