Thursday, June 4, 2015

Washington, DC. Our Nations Capital!

(Just a reminder, this update is a month old as I fell behind updating the blog.) Our first night in DC and we decided an evening stroll was in order. 

There was a huge police convention in town. There were cops crawling in every crevice of the city from various states. They were in patrol cars, motorcycles and on horseback. The po-po was out en force!
      This was of course my favorite! 
Sheepskin in the saddle! Are you kidding me? Yes, please! That's some kind of über fancy saddle pad. 
After 17 years as a corporate branding expert, it boggles my mind how some opt for branding such as this. Would you be lured to eat at a restaurant with this name? It's funny however!
      And the requisite hop on/off bus!
The Capitol building is just like Cher...
                  Its getting a facelift. 
The national cathedral was such a stunner. Absolutely beautiful inside! It's one of the largest cathedrals in the world. 

       School kids were everywhere!
At the Smithsonian and museums of the like, I'm always intrigued by the archaeological exhibits. These ancient nomadic skulls were actually replicas and made on a 3-D printer. *My Stock tip!* Invest in a good 3-D printing company. That technology is going to grow so much in the next decade and the things we will be able make (like organs for transplants) will astound you. 
We used our good friends driver in DC to take us around on his private tour of all the monuments. We'd run out and snap pics when needed and it was absolutely the way to go! Jonathan was a Cambodian refugee of The Killing Fields. He's quite a character and just the sweetest man! 
    Here we are at the Vietnam Memorial. 
This is the outskirts of the Lincoln war memorial. 
My absolute favorite memorial was The Korean War Memorial. It was so well done and extremely artistic. 
The bronze statues really cast a presence and due to their authentic life size scale, it really put you in the moment and is haunting and profound all at once. 
And then the granddaddy of them all...

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