Sunday, May 3, 2015

Charleston to Myrtle Beach

We had a great flight to Charleston last Friday and were looking forward to spending our first week out with Brads sisters' Connie, Linda and brother-in-law Sam. 
We departed the marina at 6:30am and headed toward Myrtle Beach 
which was where we were to dock for the night.

We often have to depart at sunrise so that we can time high tide in order to navigate 
the shallows with some depth underneath us.

We saw a tug pushing a barge down the intracoastal. 
It was the first time we'd seen a tug in these waters. Pinch yourselves.  
We passed under a bridge with only a foot of clearance between us. It was a close one! 
However, Brad always has these situations under control and knows how to expertly do it . 

 There are always those we come across however, that see us pull up on our boat and think this...
Seagulls were out in force and followed us for hours. I think they were hoping to score a meal. 
We came upon a crop burn. Amazing how they can just burn the foilage and not be held accountable. This surely wouldn't fly in California. 
The scenery was as blissful as can be! I absolutely love cruising the intracoastal. The serene beauty, the way it changes from town to town and all of the adventure in between. 
Brads' sisters, Connie and Linda were loving every morsel of our intracoastal cruise!
And we were reminded that we are in a river and not the open ocean due to the color of the water. 
Our boat is going to have a brown mustache on the front of it soon & need a major wash. 
    Brad & I....happily cruising along. 
And we spotted this great classic ship along the way. 
There must have been a massive birds' nest at every channel marker we passed. 
We spotted many osprey out socializing or looking for their next meal.  
The homes along the intracoastal were fun to check out. 
We slow down to 5 knots in residential zones if there are docks. Otherwise our wake can cause some damage.
    Today was absolutely gorgeous out!
We came upon a new bridge being built..
   And it was going to be a massive one!

Captain Bish radios ahead to a low hung bridge to request passage. 
And who knew the bridge would pivot sideways for us? Bridge traffic was backed up for miles as the bridge opens soooo slowly and then there were other boats behind us as well. 
After 9 hours, we cruised into Myrtle Beach. 
Time truly flew by and we were sorry to see our day of cruising end. 
Now, Myrtle beach is not a town filled with oodles of activities. 
You come here to golf, have some cocktails and that's about it. 
There are roughly 95 golf courses in town. (Yes, that's counting the mini golf courses too.) 

We called an Uber driver to pick us up so that we could head into town to check things out... 
We were dropped off at "Broadway at the Beach." You cannot imagine a more touristic spot. Blech.
 Now I know why one woman had a Yelp review stating that if she ever had to go back to 
Myrtle Beach again she'd cry. Ha!
However, you never know whom you're going to run into here...
Connie loved these hipster flower pots. 
There was a crazy jet boat ride that you couldn't have paid me to take. Yah-yo's on parade!
And some silly amusement building which may have been a fun house. 
Needless to say, we blew this taco stand after a 30 minute stroll 
and headed out for an early dinner away from the tourist madness. 

     We got back just before sundown...

A scene like this reminds me that we are all blessed everyday on our beautiful earth. 

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