Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wrightsville Beach

We departed Myrtle about 5 days ago after a YUM breakfast Bish made for all of us. We didn't have as long of a run, so we took it easy and enjoyed the cruise north.
There were many "Sunday drivers" out en force and those who thought they were racing in Talledega.
There is a ton of boating in the Wrightsville Beach area. Smaller vessels abound (center consoles are de riguer) and everyone is out and about like its the 4th of July. 
How charming this provisioning store is that we passed in the ICW.  
And the shrimp boats were docked after a long nights work. 
Except for this one that had seen better days. Wah wah. 
Wrightsville had oodles of sand spits where you can park your car and enjoy the beach. Driving a car on the beach is so normal on the eastern seaboard... Something we aren't used to. 
Or you can opt to boat to one and make your own sandbar soirée which are very popular. 
This gives you an idea of where we are located. 
            Here's an aerial shot of 
               Wrightsville Beach 
The intracoastal is crazy busy here on the weekends!
And you never know what your going to see! You know you're a redneck when...
You're two ladies driving your house barge from the quasi "bow" in your bathing suits and waving to all the men. Maybe they have a "service oriented" (wink*wink) business on the water? 
TOO too funny!!!
         They may have been trying to 
              work it like Donatella.
Another take on a picnic boat below. 
And let's not forgot the local fishing hole!
Pulling up to the docks in Wrightsville. 
And boy... We were bow to stern on one end, bow to bow on the other and packed in tight!
They had a talented young woman tying us up. Great to see girl power is alive and well here in the south!
             A local watering hole. 
Once docked, I headed out to get some needed exercise and clocked a good 4 miles. Walking on the beach there was wonderful with lots of charm and great people watching!

The local Aussie surfboard rental. 
And Le Plage!
A beach house view of the intracoastal. 
The perfect bench to hang out on. 
All of the east coast beaches have wooden fences along them with some sand dunes. Beautiful!
Brad and Sam met up with me in town and joined my beach walk. 
A locals beach house... Frat style. 
And then I experienced a "kerfuffle" when I boarded the boat. Bam! Face plant extraordinaire. My knee took the brunt of it and I hit my elbow pretty good. Can't believe I caught my shoe on a rope off the dock. Rookie maneuver. This is why they tell you not to look at your cell phone and drive. Albeit, I was doing that and only walking. 
Tsk tsk on me!!! The knee is a doozy and requiring lots of ice. Hoping it goes away quickly as it's super swollen and painful to walk on too much. I'll gimp around for a few days I'm sure. 
Brads taking good care of me though. 
And while everyone is off to find a great restaurant for the evening, I'll be horizontal on the boat enjoying a very strong margarita and some Advil. Ha! 

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