Monday, April 20, 2015

Charleston Marina

The Charleston marina can be summed up in one word... MEGADOCK! This was a really long dock and by the time we hiked back to the marina entrance, we had covered approx a half mile. 

Alot of cruisers had bicycles on their boats so they could traverse the dock speedily. 
       The sunsets were spectacular!
         And I found art in all forms...
Bish had cooked us up a wonderful vegan dinner in honor of our guests Buddy & Nancy. 
               It was scrumptious!
We were joined for dinner by our friend Phil who was in town for the über keel boat race. He is a former commodore of our yacht club & such a nice guy. 
And then the thunderstorm hit... It was pouring like crazy and the lightening was getting a little close for comfort. There was also a tornado warning. Now that's something we aren't used to on the west coast!
Everyone was caught out in the rain and got soaked. 
But after every storm, comes the best present of all...a gorgeous night sky!

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