Thursday, April 16, 2015

Savannah, Georgia

Our cruise north to Savannah was a great one, however we were quite concerned with two areas of über shallow waters. It was a bit nippy outside & blowing at 45 knots, but Brad & Buddy expertly navigated our way. 
Here's one dangerous shallow area appropriately named Hells Gate. 
We were in 1 ft of water which soon changed to negative 1. (You can see this number on the bottom left corner of the navigation screen.)
We passed lots of progress on the intercoastal. 
And soon found our way to the Thunderbolt marina and our slip. 
We fueled up as soon as we pulled in. 
Soon we were off to rent a car and see the town of Savannah. Buddy & Nancy found a great swing to pass the time as we waited for our cab. 
Our cabbie was a fine southern gentleman and hysterical. He had LOTS of tips for us!
The ladies of Savannahs finest were out & about. I'm betting this is their version of the red hat society. 
The Spanish moss hanging from most trees here in Savannah is completely ethereal. Such a mystic spell it casts over the city. It turns out that this isn't actually Spanish, nor is it moss. It's an air plant that's a cousin of the pineapple. Who knew?!

We took a long walk and made it down to the river front where their container ships pass through. We saw so many it was like Panama all over again. 
I came upon the "fuzz" in town... No perps in sight, so I couldn't ascertain  what they were up to. He cracked up that I took his picture. How can I be expected to stake out the city without photographic evidence?
           Sights along the river...
And a scrumdillyumptious candy store. 
The cobblestones in parts of the city were original from the 1700s. Not easy to walk on however.. We looked like drunken sailors navigating them. Every single one of us stubbed our toe in Savannah on different occasions. It was quite funny, but you had to be there. 
And this was an interesting find I spotted... If you want to make a change to your establishment you have to file a "certificate of appropriateness". Love it! I wonder what you get for being inappropriate? A trip to the po-po!
Many steps in the city are original and as steep and vertical as can be. 
Along the river there are a few local "personalities" plying their trade. This woman was making swamp grass baskets. I bet they smell interesting. She couldn't have had more pride in them!
This guy playing guitar was one cool cat getting his jam on. 
We saw so many sights, it was time for a cold one. 
In order to get the best balcony seat in the house, we had to order one appetizer... So fried pickles it was! And they were just Mc Nasty. Yuk. I don't recommend it. We thought it was a "southern thing" but not at this locale at least. 
So much architecture in this city, however Savannah wasn't the great city of the south we thought it would be. It was a one-day-visit kind of city, but we did scope it out end to end in two and a half days. It has an eerie feeling to the city and the people are a bit "different". I can see how it was the perfect setting for the novel Midnight in the Garden of Good & Eveil. The book was much better than the movie however. 

Brad pondered the historical significance of the city...
And there were numerous buildings dying for a facelift. 
      The carriage tours were darling. 
One of my favorite buildings was the Savannah College of Art & Design... Also known as SCAD. They have restored about 85 historic buildings in the town of Savannah. 
This was by far my favorite southern estate (below) that we came across in downtown Savannah. It was called Magnolia Hall. It's currently used as a B&B. Such charm and even the steps were covered in ivy. The kerosene lamps flickered and the entire house welcomed you. It was other worldly & harkened back to a begone era. 
And again... More weepy Spanish moss
I couldn't stop trying to photograph it... 
Savannah is built in quadrants and there are 16 of them. Town squares were everywhere. Nancy & I spiced one up. 

The next day we took an Old Savannah Trolley around town to scope it out in its entirety. Our driver Tammy was epic and right out of Saturday Night Live. She could have been Honey Boo Boos sister and loved to say... Hey Gurl! She looked just liked her, talked with a drawl and twisted her hair as she spoke. We were dying laughing and didn't want to get off the trolley. 
I told her we had to take a selfie and she was a gamer!
We noticed that gas was cheaper than cheap here!!
And then the boys had us pucker up for our portrait sitting in the park. Ha!
And then... More weepy trees! I'm obsessed. 
We came upon a gorgeous church that we had to check out. 
The interior architecture was stunning and very special. 
Each stained glass window was made by hand and cost $650.00 back in the day. 
     And we practiced being tourists!
    Then it was time for some antiquing..
This place was ginormous and packed with antiques in every nook & cranny! 

Afterwards, it was time for...martini-o-clock! We found a great patio atop an old hotel along the river where we could watch the container ships pass by. 
Somehow you can't see the evidence from our martini tour...
      Cue... Weepy trees! So cool. 
How many rules do you need to cross the street? Don't they know I'm a rule breaker?!
Brad busted out his best acting skills. Ha! 
An old eerie alley. It was allegedly haunted as was much of downtown Savannah. 
So why not hide behind a large bush and wait to scare our friends? I even got it on camera...Brad and I couldn't stop laughing of course. We all had the best day together!!

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