Sunday, April 19, 2015

Charleston, South Carolina

We all had a great cruise on the Intercoastal to Charleston from Hilton Head. Buddy, the expert sailor and competitive racer that he is, had fun at the helm navigating the twists, turns and shallows en route. 

      Beautiful estates along the ICW. 
  The boys having fun navigating the tide that is soooo far out...
More nests on the channel markers. This one had either a bald eagle or an osprey in it... 
We couldn't quite tell.
And finally we pulled into the Charleston Megadock. Home sweet home for a few weeks. 
I'm putting out bow lines as we are pulling into the dock. 
The Megadock itself is 1,530 feet long and is the longest floating freestanding dock in the southeast. Walking from one end to the other is about a half mile.
That night, we headed into downtown Charleston for dinner. But first... It was martini o' clock! We found the best place in town at Grill 225 as they specialized in a "nitrotini". They had a huge martini menu to choose from. The "nitrotini" had liquid nitrogen in it which was at a temperature of minus -320degrees. It came with a warning label which was unlike anything we'd seen before. 
Luckily, I'm still alive after drinking one! 
Our bartender had the worst personality and was not a happy person. 
I nicknamed him Crabbypants. So apropos! 
  The scary warning label on the martini. 
Then we surprisingly ran into some neighbors at this hotel that houses the restaurant (the same neighbors we ran into in Bocas del Toro, Panama at Christmas!), and met their friend (------) who is currently the Rolex yachtsman of the year. A super nice guy from Wisconsin. 
Sadly can't recall his name. 
The nations largest Keel boat regatta is in town and Charleston Race Week is underway...Therefore,  
The chances of running into a few of our fellow yacht club sailors is high. 
And if you don't have a boat, you can buy yourself a duck to race!
A taste of Charleston is just a dime store away. 
Who brought out the welcome wagon for us?... How sweet!
Tomorrow we will be "on tour" of a fabulous plantation. Stay tuned for that!

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