Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Trying the last post one more time. For some reason there were many photos that didn't post. 

We departed early morning for Hilton Head and did our best to stay on track for the high tides. Again, the scenery was gorg!
Here's the Hilton Head Harbor town marina all ready for the PGA RBC Heritage Golf Tournament. We could see the stadium seating on the 18th hole all set up. 
Loads of kayaks were out & about as we pulled into Hilton Head, South Carolina. 
      It's a beautiful part of the country. 
And then we came upon the shallowest part of our trip so far... We could feel our props getting polished on the bottom. 
And our depth gauge was negative zero!
We finally pulled into our slip which took some time even with bow thrusters. There was a current at our end of the marina and we were hitting the bottom due to the negative low tide. We had to immediately turn off our A/C so that the mud didn't get sucked up into our intake and docked without further issues. 

        Natures beauty was boundless. 
We left the marina in a rental car that the boys acquired as soon as we arrived, and headed to the town of Beaufort for lunch. 
It was strange to see this signage in most local stores windows. Obviously anyone can bear arms in the south and I spotted a few wearing their shoulder holsters as they walked around. So foreign to us Californians.  
       We then found Miss Beaufort!
You can't experience the south without trying some grits. 
             Cue the weepy trees!
Beaufort had some magical estates by the beach, and they were historic and beautiful as the day was long. 
Nancy and I thought it was a good idea to go treasure hunting in a spooky antique store as a downpour broke out. You may notice that this photo was taken inside the car by the boys as they cracked up at us running for cover & getting soaked. 
We were definitely unprepared for this. 
Tomorrow, we are hoping the rain stops so that the boys can get their golfing fix and we can find our way to the spa. 

And look... No rain the very next day! The boys were all spiffed and ready to get their game on at Palmetto. 
   And then a photo bomber broke out...
We had an hour to kill before our massage, so we thought it was best to stay on property at this beautiful resort and go for a long walk there. We asked a  staff member where the bike path was and he pointed to the golf cart path and said we could walk there. It didn't feel right, and then we came upon this signage...
So, low & behold it definitely wasn't the bike path and we didn't care. We walked the path and checked out the course. I thought we'd just tell anyone that asked that we were supervising divot repairs. Haha!! The scenery on the course was spectacular!

The course was designed by Robert Trent Jones. (RTJ as I like to call him) 

And then the "Ranger" busted us for walking on the golf cart path. As soon as he went on his way, we continued on the golf cart path being the rule breakers we are.
We wanted to walk down to the beach and we're glad we did. What beauty!
We had to be at the spa in 20 minutes and were probably a mile and a half  away from our car. We high tailed it back up the golf cart path at a rapid clip and even surprised Brad & Buddy as they were teeing off at the 2nd hole. 
They had a good laugh at us... Knowing we were late. We luckily were only a minute tardy and got a workout in as well. 
    And we didn't have a gator encounter!
   Tomorrow...Charleston, here we come!

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