Monday, November 3, 2014

Nada Mucho...

The girls headed home from Zwatt last Friday. We had too much fun sunning ourselves and enjoying the water trying to stay cool from the obtrusive heat! 

Danny helped us with our bags and got us all packed into a suburban like a can of sardines. I can't recall all of the songs we sang that week, but it turns out that cocktails fueled the singer in all of us. Who knew?! I'm sure we impressed the locals...or embarrassed them for that matter. Danny was entertained by us and the girls loved calling him Mexi-Clooney! He cracks up at that & was the one who told us of his secret nickname.

View from the plane... The skies are so beautiful & serene at 30,000 feet!

I opted to come home as well. I had a feeling that the weather may not cooperate with my girlie stomach, so it turned out I chose wisely. I didn't want to look like this at the first sight of bad weather..

Brad had to wait out some bad weather for a few days in Ixtapa while it poured rain. He was bored stiff.

The storms simmered down and they headed south Sunday. He arrived in Huatulco late this afternoon and they are overnighting in the marina as the fuel dock was out of gas. The gas truck is supposed to arrive anytime so they can depart in the morning. The Huatulco marina is super shallow and it was touch and go for a bit. They are the largest boat in the marina which should give you an idea of how teeny weeny it is. They  covered 340 miles in 28 hours since leaving Ixtapa. Impressivo!
                                                      Huatulco Marina

Brad's joined by Danny & a friend of his named Rafé, so that they can all take turns at the helm. This way "watch" is spread out every 3-4 hours or so and everyone can get a good rest. I asked him to describe anything exciting that's gone on...Brad said, "nada mucho". So there you have it. They have been running about 10 miles off the coast and astonishingly have cell service! The seas are roll polly, but nothing BIG thank goodness. Upon arriving in Huatulco, they headed to the port captains office to assess the wind & weather in the Gulf of Tehuantepec. This gulf is known for its "gale force" winds. read that right. Gale force! Now you can see why I opted to stay home. ha-ha! What a wuss I am... but a smart wuss in my book.

Here's a great map that shows the winds of the world. I find it completely fascinating!! Can you see that concentrated cluster in a spiral motion on the left side of the map..that's what a hurricane looks like. Luckily, they aren't remotely near that. Click on this link to view it in motion...,18.81,1580

Once you've crossed the gulf you'll earn the moniker of "t-pecker"!

The way I see it, if the waves get bad they would just need one of these babies...a flying dingy!!! Yes, this is a real thing & I saw it with my own two eyes off the coast of Antibes a few years ago. So funny!

Brad is dodging fishing buoys once again & tells me that there are sea turtles everywhere. 

Anyhoo, they will get through the gulf with no issues and then arrive in Chiapas in a few days. Stay tuned!

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