Saturday, October 4, 2014

Simon says...?

We are still in Cabo waiting out Hurricane Simon off the coast and hoping it passes soon. Brad and Sid sweated it out (such a humid day!) golfing an ocean course today while I chillaxed and caught up on some reading in the AC. Something like this...

The boys came across some vultures and thought they would try out their shutterbug skills including a selfie. Those crazies!

Brads hole in one... Le champión du mondé!

Sid & Brad test out their selfie skills...they did good!

Sid is wondering what happened to the palapa bar on the course & his obligatory margarita .. I think they found some margaritas if they were bored enough to take shutterbug shots of each other. In fact, I'll bet on it. HA!

Their vulture friend takes flight...

We did have a great meal at Niksan tonight (best sushi in Cabo!!) and just before we walked in we made a bet as to how many people would be dining there. (Yes, this is the kind of excitement we are inventing) Sid won the bet as he said there would only be one person and he was right. There's a chance we are stuck here until next Thursday when the seas will definitely dissipate. Tomorrow we should know more. We will have to suss out some activities (no clue what those would be as almost everything is still closed) if we are stuck until then. Stay tuned...
The adventure continues!!! 

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