Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Puerto Vallarta!

After many HOT days of waiting for Hurricane Simon to move to the north of Cabo... The day finally arrived this past Monday when we had a window of smooth seas and were finally able to leave and cruise to PV!
I will say that the night before our departure we headed back to Ediths for another spectacular meal. And...what better to do with my idle time than stir up some trouble and tell the waiter it was Brads birthday! The mariachis sang for him, they brought him some birthday cake.. And unbeknownst to me a "birthday shot" as well. They'd never get away with their patented "head shake" move in the states. Too funny...He's such a gamer!! I would have thought someone was trying to suffocate me if they put their hand over my mouth like that. Ha-ha!! 
See video here...

As we headed out of the port, the weather was cooperating and it was a gorgeous day! Our day turned into an even more beautiful night (breathtaking sunset!!) on one of my favorite runs south under a (almost) full moon. I can't begin to describe the sheer beauty of being out on the open ocean... nary a spot of land in sight, and just the grandeur of Mother Nature at your fingertips. Truly a spectacular sight to see that makes you count your blessings and I revel in the bliss of it all. See video here:

We had several lightening storms pop-up that Brad expertly navigated through in the middle of the night as we couldn't risk a lightening strike! If that were to happen to our boat, it would fry every single electronic we have and render the boat "dead" on the spot

We arrived in Puerto Vallarta at 12noon Tuesday. After checking into the marina and saying hello to our friends Gina & Dick who run it, we headed out via taxi to old town Vallarta. I knew just where my destination would be... My fave boutique Serafina! I just love to see all of the treasures they have from various parts of Mexico.

The boys were good sports and found themselves the perfect "babysitting" scenario just down the street with Lupe.. Haha! 

 I also wandered into a gallery and met my new amigo "Pepe" who is a jewelry designer. He was quite a charmer and gave me a tour of his small workshop where he uses tools that were handed down to him from his father and his grandfather before him. He also melts his own silver by hand. It was fun to see and I brought the boys back to meet him and check out his workshop as well. They liked seeing all of his old school tools from days gone by. 

Afterrward, we navigated the busy streets of PV and the Malécon, then came upon a nice beach restaurant called The Blue Shrimp. After a good lunch and walking  too many miles in the 90+ degree heat with 85% humidity, it was time to head back to our AC! 

Beach view from The Blue Shrimp 

A beautiful old church in the center of town. 

Meat on a stick anyone? Of course there's no food poisoning involved in this heat. Eeeeow....

El Sid has found himself the fountain of youth...

And this is the marina waterway where you can head upstream to go crocodile hunting! We did this with the fam a few years ago.. Such fun as long as we remain in our dingy! 

View of Nuevo Vallarta As we head toward the marina...

The dirty water below was at the mouth of the jetty. It is leftover runoff from the recent storm. Luckily the rainy season" here is about to come to a close. 

Cruising past the jetty & into the marina.

Pulling into our slip. 

We will head south from the marina to the hippie town of Yelapa tomorrow...

Yelapa is about a 2 hour cruise south of PV. 

We hope to once again experience the locals donkey "adventure" to the top of a waterfall! Afterwards, we plan to have lunch on the beach and then head south to arrive in beautiful Tamarindo for golf on Thursday. We arrive in Barra de Navidad Friday, so it may not be until then that I can post an update.. Stay tuned! 

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