Thursday, October 9, 2014

Adventures in Yelapa!

As the local saying goes... "It's better to have a palapa in Yelapa, than a condo in Redondo." One can see why many of the local hippies subscribe to this philosophy. This is a beautiful spot of the world and you really get the sense you have checked out and are momentarily encrusted in their relaxed island life.
We arrived around noon to this beautiful bay, and were reminded how beautiful and charming it is. Our last visit here was a few years ago, and not much has changed.

Today, we were the first boat of the season to show up! A panga boat from our favorite restaurant Domenico's came out to greet us and whisk us ashore. We enjoyed a good lunch of fish tacos on the beach and then took a horseback ride through the jungle to the top of the waterfall. My only hope was twofold.. Not to run into a spiderweb and not to brush too close to a snake! As luck would have it, I saw lots of hideously HUGE jungle spiders near me, but was able to navigate through them on the back of my small scrawny steed. (He was the size of a kids pony!) the snakes never presented themselves thank goodness.

I tried not to look too closely at the emaciated horses & judge...this is just how they are kept in many countries, still sad nonetheless. I was impressed that they were shod and had nice shiny horseshoes on, so that was a plus! I let my horse graze on whatever he wanted to eat the entire time...our guide may not have been as pleased as my horse, but it was for the greater good. Our guide Cedro walked the entire trail & navigated the river crossing barefoot! 

Anchored out in Yelapa Bay. 

A simple shack on the water looks sweet & cozy. 

View from the water of Domenico's restaurant. 

My new amigo Pepé! 

A compete beach set-up ready for your relaxing pleasure. 

Laundry day in the jungle. Yes.. This is their washing machine. 

The river crossing at low tide...

The boys did a great job with their equestrian skills!

The locals jewelry store in the jungle. I bought a great turquoise necklace off the back of my donkey a few years ago here!

The waterfall at the top of the trail. So beautiful!! 

A scary jungle spider!!!! 

My little steed Guapo. 

Quite the saddle! 

Jungle living...

So this is how Isis is funding themselves globally...ha!

Rush hour in the village.. Sweet how the school girls are all in their pressed uniforms! The woman in the right of the photo was passing us on her donkey as her child slept in her arms. 

No cars are found in Yelapa. Quads, motorbikes, or 4 legged transportation is de rigeur. 

The pookie water is up to my horses chest.. Hoping he doesn't feel like a swim! 

My knees are up as far as they can go on top of the saddle. 
Fingers crossed that he doesn't opt for a backstroke in Bacteria Bay!

This lone burro we came across was so happy to see us. 

The local water taxi service. 


  1. Ew!!!! That pookie water!!! 😳 and Ew!!! That spider!!! 😳. Looked like fun!!

  2. Kathleen and Brad,

    Wow, what an adventure. The pics and Kathleen's creative writing skills are terrific!

    Keep it coming, we can't wait for the next episode. I noticed you got out early October vs. late October (originally planned?).

    Cynthia and Paul

    PS: Thanks for the plug, regarding the freezer and vacuum pack system.

  3. Kathleen and Brad,

    Wow, what a voyage/adventure! We are living vicariously through your blog.

    We anxiously await the next episode of "Incognito"!

    Thanks for the plug regarding the freezer and vacupack system for your boat, I hope it works as well for you as it has for us.

    Hasta luego amiga y amigo,

    Cynthia and Paul


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