Thursday, October 2, 2014

Catch of the Day! Day 2-4

Day 2-3 We had a great cruise south last night and the sea has been extra smooth! (What a difference!) Lots of sleep was had and I started the day off by catching a HUGE Wahoo! It was too heavy for me to lift up for my "show pony" photo, so Danny had to hold it up por moi. Ha! 
I didn't know that Wahoo have razor sharp teeth and are known as "jumpers". You can get really hurt if the fish aren't handled properly, although Capt. Danny our fish wrangler was beyond excited & kept that crazy fish in check! We also caught a yellowfin tuna amongst all the Dolphins who were chasing them. What a sight to see!!! It's a gorgeous day out and the sea temp is 80 degrees. 
As for lunch, I know what we will be having... Fresh tuna sashimi mixed with red onion, hanañeros and soy sauce! (Dannys specialty) Dinner looks like it will be wahoo fish á la "something" with steamed asparagus.
The extra fish is going to be vacuum packed and then stocked in our fish freezer. (Thanks to Cynthia and Paul for that inspiration!) 

We used our Sat phone today to call Sea Weather to get an update. It looks like we will be having an unplanned stop & staying in Cabo for a day or two while a tropical storm south of Cabo passes. This way we can wait out the bad swells and thunderstorms. We certainly are going to get a first hand look at all of the hurricane destruction there. Supposedly, the Mexican government has been pouring money into the city and its recovery has been brisk. I'm looking forward to some "Johnny on the spot" reporting and seeing if the "mañana" factor is alive and well. 

Excuse the blood in the fish wahoo didn't have time to primp for his close-up. 

Danny using the fish hook / harpoon to keep this wild squirmer at bay...

Those razor sharp Wahoo teeth. It doesn't look like he has been flossing well...
Danny is beyond excited to use his Japanese knife skills.. You can't get this at Benihanas! 

Sid on carcass removal duty...back to the ocean it goes. The food chain of life. 

Danny is keeping the yellowfin calm as he untangles the lines. We had a double hook-up at the same time and also caught a bonito that we threw back. 

Danny & Sid working their sashimi skills...

And the grand finale... It may look a little odd, but the taste is delish!

PM... I'm on "night watch" and have been running the boat since 9:30pm. I have to check both radars, look outside the boat and fill out the night watch log every 20 minutes. If I spot a boat on the radar, I can often find out their 411 and the system will tell me the name of the boat, the length and their destination. It's fascinating. If a boat comes within a 3 mile radius of us, I then have specific instructions to wake-up Brad to assess. 
I pass the time reading a good book on my iPhone as the ambient light is minimal and won't ruin my eyes to read the radar screens. I'll probably tire out about 1:30am and wake up Brad for his 12am shift that I hogged. It's an absolutely gorgeous & balmy night out. The moon is up (the night photo below doesn't begin to do it justice!) and there's a blanket of stars lighting up the night sky. The Big Dipper is so close that I think it had a makeover and its Orion's Belt has been sure twinkles under the crescent moon. 
Only a few cargo ships have passed and hardly another boat to be seen. Tomorrow should be another beautiful day with some great fishing!

Day 4- Another gorgeous day on flat seas although the outside temp is hottie hot hot! Brad is on "lobster trap watch" as the area we are currently in has them randomly scattered & tied to large sea floats. We can't believe they have them so far out since we are 12 miles away from land. We also don't want to run over one and get that tangled in our props! We will make a quick pit stop in Santa Maria Bay which is just off Cabo San Lazaro. That bay is just 5 miles from the nearest town and we hope to grab a cell signal there so we can all catch up. Tomorrow we should arrive in Cabo San Lucas about 5:00am. 
**Weather update!** We just called into our Sea Weather service and due to the tropical storm south of Puerto Vallarta we will now be staying in Cabo until the 7th or 8th and keeping an eye on this storm until it passes. Such a bummer for Sids wife Susan as she was all set to join us in Puerto Vallarta for some sun and fun as we cruise south to Barra de Navidad. This is a prime example of why we call this a "boating adventure" as you never know what will come your way. 

Click on this link to view the massive pod of dolphins we came across.

Just off of Cabo San Lazaro

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