Monday, September 29, 2014

Gassing Up in Ensenada

The trip south last night had a strong 24 knot wind hitting us on the beam, so it was a rocky start departing Newport. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to deliver my "A" game and take my shift running the boat. Aaagh! So much for serenading sailors with my own version of... "On The Night Shift!" Luckily, I didn't toss my cookies, turn green or dry heave... it was a close one. Ha! I consumed a Saltine and Ginger Ale dinner of champions, numerous ginger lozenges, chewed some ginger gum, crossed my fingers that my Bonine would take effect quickly and things simmered down after a long while. Watching 3 movies in succession kept my mind off the "roly poly" of it all and by the time they finished I was able to accompany Brad in the pilot house and keep him company for a few hours until some much needed shut eye called my name. We departed at 4pm yesterday so that we could arrive in Ensenada (@6:30am) and be first in line at the gas dock when they open at 8:00 to ensure we are filled up & are allotted the 1100 gallons of gas we need. Muy importante for our trip south!! We passed a few cruise ships and fuel tankers in the middle of the night and lots of fishermen. 
It's a gorgeous day here and the Wifi is helping us all pass the time as we await the gas dock to open while we watch the morning news. (And some delicious coffee/cappuccino from our über Nespresso wonder machine...Girls- you know who you are and a huge thank you for such a thoughtful gift!) Brad is busy checking "Sea Weather" so we can navigate around potential weather "kerfuffles" also known as hurricanes. We had to officially "check-in" to the country of Mexico by taking a car to the port captains office in downtown Ensenada. (See photo below of how crazy the check-in procedures are.) Here is where we all clear customs & immigration. Lots of paperwork is done and we are now "official" and have to fly a Mexican flag (along with our U.S. Flag) during our stay in their country. From here we will pass Cedros island, Turtle Bay and Mag Bay where we are counting on some great fishing! We should arrive in Cabo San Lucas on Friday and I doubt we will have a Wifi connection until then for blog don't think we've been hijacked by banditos (Mom!!) if you don't hear from us until this weekend. Haaaa!   


  1. Great pics! Glad you are dual citizens now!! Ha! Exciting!

  2. Living Vicariously and loving every moment of your post!!! wow the port in Ensanada looks nice. Keep posting LOVE love love
    xox Lauren


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