Friday, October 10, 2014

Barra de Navidad

Yesterday we spent the day in Tamarindo Bay. The boys had a great day golfing there even though it was hot as a Florida swamp! It's one of the prettiest courses around. My favorite part is the Indiana Jones golf cart ride through the jungle to get there. Always an adventure! 
We pulled up anchor around 5:30pm and headed across the bay to Tenacatita for the night. We are here early in the season and were the only boat around, which has been the case just about everywhere we've been. Aside from a dingy "kerfuffle", we enjoyed a quiet night in the bay and headed out to Barra de Navidad as soon as the sun came up. 
We arrived to another hot & HUMID day. (There's a reason they call it the "off season.") The marina in Barra is very quiet as it won't get busy until November for the most part. We enjoyed a great dinner at Marlena's, and the sunset was superb! 

Love the colors in these umbrellas that beckon you for an afternoon at la playa. 

The local water taxi stand.

Someone's slice o' paradise on the bay. 

A local parrot getting his feathers ruffled. 

Our table at Marlena's. Sunset perfection. 

Idyllic sunset. 

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