Sunday, September 28, 2014


I'm happy to announce that the BIG day of our CHASING THE SUN TOUR III boating adventure is finally here!! As we depart today and go over all of our travel checklists.... We can breathe a sigh of relief that all of our preparation is finally complete...or is it? ha-ha!  We've been so looking forward to our journey and thank all of our friends for their "hot travel tips", words of wisdom, and encouragement! We've been inoculated (Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Tetnaus, et al) and have prepped not only ourselves, (CPR certified, Ocean/First Aid Safety Courses and have got the Heimlich maneuver down pat should your meal shimmy down the wrong pipe) but also the boat for hopefully every situation that we could possibly come across. 
Today we are heading south to our destination of Puerto Vallarta which should take us approximately 6 days. Our first stop will be Ensenada, Mexico where we will fuel up tomorrow morning and journey south for what we hope to be some epic fishing along the way! I'm taking "watch" tonight and running the boat by myself from 12-3:00am. We are joined by our Captain Danny who is awesome at not only running the boat, but wrangling sea creatures as well. Our dear friend Sid (some of you may know him as "Scallywag Sid" from previous boating adventures) is accompanying us too! He's adept at all things nautical and we are so happy to have him helping us move the boat south. So ladies & gents...sit back, buckle-up... and may the adventure begin!

Brad, Sid and I with ants in our pants ready to depart...

Our bon voyage cheering section of Sid & Susan, myself & Brad, Captain Danny and KatMatt who surprised us with a champagne toast! Our dear friend Lance joined us as well and was sweet enough to take this pic.

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  1. Yay! So excited for you guys! And the send off looked fabulous! Good job Matt and Kat!! 😘


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