Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Los Frieles

We started out the morning en route to Frieles with a hook-up! I caught a Bonito and Danny had it turned into sashimi within minutes. So glad we've caught a fresh ceviche lunch...yay!! Hopefully we'll catch some larger ones when we hit warmer waters. The water is only 71 which doesn't entice the BIG fish we are hoping for.
Frieles is a little bay on the east cape with a beautiful beach. It has one of 3 of the largest coral reefs in north America, and the only one on the west coast. There are a few other boats parked here in the bay with us. We enjoyed a homemade piña colada and a nap on the beach under a palapa this afternoon. A perfect day! Tomorrow, we arrive in San José del Cabo. Civilization baby!! We are both looking forward to it.

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