Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Girls trip to Zihuatanejo & Ixtapa!

Sister Mary & I arrived yesterday. Luckily her "bad travel karma" that she's famous for didn't kick in (she had a long layover in Mexico City via New York) & she arrived without incident this time! Ha-ha!! We had a fantastic dinner last night at La Casa Que Canta and their homemade coconut ice cream is simply ba-nan-as!! A serious workout is definitely in order.
We headed out of the marina first thing this am and did a little fishing, but didn't have luck catching anything. However, we did spot a large Orca (killer whale) that was chasing a HUGE blue whale. Apparently they go after the blue whales and try to attack them by chewing up their face and ultimately their tongues...Gross. They will follow them for hours and hours on end. Hard to believe they have the nerve to go after the largest mammal on earth! Watching the blue whales splash around was fun to watch. Their size is simply mesmerizing!! A pod of dolphins soon followed and chased along the boat for a bit. We then anchored in Zihuatanejo Bay for the afternoon and went ashore with Danny for lunch. Yummy shrimp tacos at Tata's were enjoyed all around, and then Mary and I were off to check out the local wares. Such fun browsing in the local shops and seeing all their handicrafts... A little haggling was done of course for some muy especiál goodies! We wore ourselves out venturing around town in the hot sun and naps were a must when we get back to the boat. Dinner was at El Galéon in the marina and was delic!

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