Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chamayla & Tenacatita!

The next morning we left the PV marina and headed out on the great blue wonder for another fantastic adventure! We saw so many whales that day and more "flukes" than we could count. The sea was a little rough with 10' swells as we headed to Chamayla to anchor for the night. Upon arriving in Chamayla, we found a tranquil cove dotted with colorful umbrellas and beautiful scenery.
Our cruise took about 7 hours that day. We must have seen about 70 miles of the most pristine beach that has hardly been touched by man along the way. We spotted what Brad calls the "national bird of Mexico" every now & then...Which are actually homes/ buildings that are "almost" built in fantastic locations, but abandoned & not completed for financial reasons one would assume.
That night we had thousands of local fish swimming around our boat.. They were flocking to our underwater boat lights and what a sight to see!

The next day we headed south to Tenacatita. Along the way we cruised by Sir James Goldsmiths massive estate "Xumala" in Careyes where I enjoyed a fantastic lunch about a decade ago with his daughter Isabel & some friends. We spotted our friends Steve & Alice's Careyes estate from the sea and were sad they weren't in town to say hello to.

Once we arrived in Tenacatita, we anchored between a dozen sailboats and one familiar boat from our local yacht club in Newport. We launched our dingy as soon as we arrived and Captain Jimmylegs was on the prowl! We headed into some very shallow water with our engine almost all the way out as we entered what's known as the "jungle cruise" which Brad billed as super adventurous with a hint of danger. I was so excited to see it!! Once through the shallows our engine plunged back into the water and away we went. We had no idea if we'd see all the saltwater crocs it's famous for, some oversized snakes or the mammoth iguanas... It's a beautiful estuary that you cruise down beneath a canopy of mangroves on the side of a jungle. We saw some local fishermen, some colorful crabs and a good selection of various birds... And that was it!! No venomous creatures to eat me alive, no crabby crocs, no boa constrictors dangling above our heads & no pumas jumping out of the jungle. What a jip! Haaaaaa! It was a really pretty cruise & we loved every minute of it.
When out of the mangroves, we beached the dingy at the only restaurant on the beach, pulled up some chairs & had a beer with a delicious plate of fresh ceviche. It was perfect! After lunch we headed back out on the dingy to survey our cove. We checked out Boca de Iguanas and La Manzanita. Not a lot to look at, but worth a cruise by along the oceanfront. We enjoyed a great night on the boat and I made pasta as we hadn't caught any fish for the last two days. Boo hoooooo!!

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  1. National Bird of Mexico - LOLOLOL

    The love cruise looked nice - great pics of boats and crabbys!


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