Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tamarindo to Barra de Navidad

We woke up today and headed across the bay to Tamarindo as we had an early am golf appointment at their course. We pulled up to their beach and I thought we landed in the South Pacific. What a spectacular beach and I had no idea if I was in Thailand or Hawaii. It looked like a tropical movie set and I was psyched to find out what adventure lay ahead of us on the course!
Now...For those of you who imagine me as an über scratch golfer, I hate to squash your thoughts... But alas, I'm only the "golf cart navigator" and "photo facilitator". Sounds fancy right? (I crack myself up.)
We were greeted at the lobby of the golf shop and introduced to our caddy, albeit named "Junior"! He was a doll and really knew his stuff. He pointed out the best ways to approach each hole and accommodated us to the fullest.
We dashed off on our golf cart straight down a very sinewy dirt path (cue Indiana Jones) through the middle of the jungle until we reached the most beautiful course you've ever seen!! It was designed by David Fleming and what a sight to see! We were told that we could possibly see snakes, pumas, javelinas, lemurs, deer, etc. We did come upon two lemurs on the second hole and they were fun to watch as they scurried back into the jungle,
and a deer flew across our path as we were off-roading in the golf cart. We were a gasp at the scenery and how well the course & greens were kept up. The hotel at Tamarindo has been closed for a few years since the recession which is an absolute travesty!! Staying here would be a fortunate happenstance for sure. We did hear rumors from the employees that it may open this year. Which in Mexican time probably translates to 2014.
Brad did so well on the front 9 holes that he was convinced I was his lucky charm... As if he didn't know this already?!! Lol. However, the back 9 don't need to be bragged about he says. We had the tastiest lunch at the clubhouse palapa on the 9th hole which overlooked an insanely pristine beach where I wanted to remain for the rest of the day. I will admit that the chef looked like he was stewing something really strange in his pots on the side of a jungle, but I've learned that some of the best local fare is made this way and I have to say they were some of the best fish tacos I've ever had. So.. As the old saying goes, "don't judge a book by its cover."
After golf, we headed back to the boat and enjoyed a leisurely afternoon swim. Brad was in the water wondering when I was coming in, but I surprised him & totally scared Danny who had no idea I was above his head as I jumped down off the top deck into the water below. Minus the teeny jellyfish I was apparently bothering, it was the perfect day!
About 3pm we pulled up anchor and headed to Barra de Navidad as the winds were picking up and we wanted to arrive at their fuel dock before 5:00. We got there just in time and after fueling up we made our way to find our boat slip. The process of entering a new marina normally involves Brad and Danny on the boat and I captaining the dingy behind them. It's a treacherous job and I love every minute of it!

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