Saturday, January 19, 2013

Back in Puerto Vallarta!

Our trip started out at LAX running into old friend Dick & his daughter Genna. We caught up in the airport lounge and talked Mexican strategy as we were all set to embark on our respective destinations... Us to Puerto Vallarta to board our Incognito, and them to their beautiful home in Manzanillo. We promised to get together and catch-up later in the week.

It was a bit on the cool side when we arrived and we had no to time to waste... So we headed to the local supermarket to stock up for our week ahead. Little did we know that the HOT local supermarket where everyone and their brothers brother shops is called Walmart! Haaaa! And they had chopped up cactus there called "Nopalito" which made me curious what it was used for. Danny told me its used for omelets. olé! Anyhoo.. After we loaded up and prepped the boat, we headed out for the evening to one of our favorite restaurants in town... Called Sonora Grill. They have great food, good music and always have a concert on their big screen tvs playing. We took in Sting and Luis Miguel... One thing about music is that it's a global common denominator that spans cultures and religions. You could find yourself almost anywhere in the world & not able to speak the local language, but you will always have American music in common! God bless the US of A!

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