Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Overnight Cruise to Vallarta

There's nothing quite like being at one with the sea. A 360 degree view for as far as the eye can see. Powderpuff clouds dotting the horizon, so close you think you can touch them...and an overwhelming sense of peace that makes you count your blessings for what is the beautiful creation of Gods green earth. Both life affirming and inspiring, it's been a truly spectacular day/night on the water!! Brad, Danny & I passed the day reading and enjoying some good tunes while we traded time at the helm. Even a surprise guest (whom we dubbed "Freebird") was a welcome visitor. And luckily he didn't wear out his welcome by pooping on the deck!
We've had fantastic flat seas on our
crossing to Puerto Vallarta and even a (almost) full moon came out to greet me as I took the helm of the 10pm-1am "watch". (Which turned into 4am as I didn't have the heart to wake Brad up for his shift... He was sleeping so happily.) Coffee in hand, I kept everything on track and learned to read the radar, adjust the auto pilot & decipher the navigation system (under Brads über tutelage earlier today) quite easily.
We didn't catch a single fish today which was a shocker. We thought for sure we'd snag some fresh tuna having 3 lines in the water all day with some festive looking lures I might add. (And massive hooks!) So much for my dreamy idea of living off the sea today with the love of my life! However, it was some barbecued Sabatinos sausage to the rescue (courtesy of our freezer) with a fresh green pear salad. Delicious nonetheless. A truly memorable day that will be etched on my mind forever.

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