Monday, December 3, 2012

Adios Cabo!

We bid adieu to Cabo this am as we depart for Puerto Vallarta.
A few photos of us pulling out of our slip in the Cabo marina. Danny and his "assistant" André (that's a crack-up in itself... but he sure did come in handy!) getting the boat ready to depart.
It's a gorgeous day to set sail... Or cruise would actually be the proper term. You can see an image of our navigational route to PV... Just look at the thin red line.
We don't have our main entrée for dinner tonight, but we should soon as the fishing lines are out. Can't wait to see what we catch!!
Thought I'd show you an image of Cabo from back in the day, along with a photo of current day. I know you're tingling with excitement at this moment perusing Mexican history... Ha!

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