Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fished Out!

We awoke just before sunrise to greet the day and had high hopes to catch the "big" one as we cruised out onto Banderas Bay. The sunrise was magical and I was doing my best impression of a "fish whisperer", but aside from a small Bonito that we threw back... We caught nada! Poop!! The only ones catching anything were the two birds who wouldn't leave us alone & kept dive bombing for their breakfast. Oh- and they pooped all over the boat. So fun.
Our BIG dreams of fresh grilled fish dinners and ceviche lunches this week will have to be made via reservations. Ha! O-well. Maybe the fish thought that the world ended yesterday and didn't want to get caught? Anyhoo- It was a great way to start the day and we had a ball!
On our walk down the marina for a beach lunch, we spotted some young banana & coconut trees. (I'll try not to bore you stiff with my flora & fauna pix.)
At the yacht club pool, they have two ginormous alligator slides for everyone. I'm sure the kiddos will put those to use in no time!
Danny & his son Isaac headed home to Manzanillo for La Navidad, so we bid them adieu and will see Danny back on New Years Day.
We headed to the grocery store in the late afternoon to load up for holiday festivities... Minor incident involved Brad spilling his blueberries all over the floor. Ha-ha! I ran away pretending I didn't know him and got out my camera. I had to capture that Kodak moment of course! The best part is that the kids who bag your groceries also wheel it all the way down to the boat. Wooohoo! We would have had multiple trips had it not been for that service. So grateful they could help!

Carly, Matt, Luke & Wyatt arrived early evening and they were so excited to get here...especially after dealing with all the crowds of holiday travelers. We set off on a sunset dingy ride through the local mangroves up the bay. We saw signs posted warning of crocodiles, but didn't see one yet. Stay tuned for more...

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