Friday, December 21, 2012

Back in Vallarta!

After some fun Christmas parties and holiday celebrations at home, it was time to head back to beautiful Puerto Vallarta today and get ready for all the kids & grandkids to join us for Christmas! A great flight that was just around 2 1/2 hours. We enjoyed checking out the scenery from the plane and could even see the local Home Depot as we were about to land. Amazing how the world is becoming so homogenized! Not sure if that's a good thing though...
We were greeted at the airport by our crew Danny & his son Issac. (Aka Danny's "assistant" who speaks perfect English and knows his way around a boat! ).
It's like being home to get back on our boat and feel the sea beneath us. The weather is just sublime and you can't help the "perma grin" that easily creeps up!!

We had a very exciting evening planned tonight too... As we dashed off the boat to to get a new microwave (the last one fried somehow) I noticed that Brad had Christmas lights installed!! So beautiful and festive... Just love it! As for our new microwave, the hilarious part is that all the buttons on it are in Español. It even has a power button for tortillas. Ha! (See pic) I also spotted some beautiful Christmas piñatas at the store which are a holiday staple here. They are filled with fresh fruit and a bit of candy. Imagine that mess with fruit everywhere... sounds FUN though!! After that adventure we headed out to the old marina and ate at a fantastic restaurant called Sonora Grill. I highly recommend it as the food and ambience are delicious!!
The best news of the day as you already know... The WORLD DID NOT END! Haha!! Even the local Mayan temple still stands in all it's glory even though Bradford tried to scare it. Lolz! (A margarita might have been involved)
Tomorrow am we are off for some fishing early. Fingers crossed I catch a huge one!!

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