Sunday, December 23, 2012

Let's Boogie...

First of all, I'd like to dedicate this to my amazing Dad who's unfortunately in the hospital this Christmas with some unforeseen health complications. We are thinking of you and sending you all our love and prayers for a speedy recovery Dad!!! You'll be like new in no time & ready to boogie! We miss YOU!!

Today was a great day spent with Carly, Matt, Wyatt & Luke on the water. We started out at the pool with the ginormous alligator water slides, however the only one brave enough for the feat was Carly. She shimmied down the belly of the gator with ease...By weeks' end I'm hedging my bet that both the kiddos will be begging for the gator ride though!
The boys soon tired of the pool action and we all ventured to the waters edge of the beach for their FIRST EVER boogie boarding showdown! Hard to believe how timid they both were at the beginning, but after an hour they were wanting to ride only the biggest waves. They had loads of fun and when tired, we all went to recline under the beach palapas and enjoyed a great lunch!
Late afternoon we headed back to the boat and everyone took a siesta. Nothing like some well deserved laziness on vacation!! Kat & Matt arrived (yay!) around 5:30 and after a quick batch of homemade margaritas "a la Brad"ready for the dingy, we headed out on our favorite croc hunting cruise with the whole fam. Wyatt was our captain who guided the boat through the mangroves with ease and his laser focus never wavered... Which is tremendous for a 6 year old!
Once again, we didn't spot a croc. However, we did see some spiny iguanas in the trees who seem to peacefully coexist along with the pelicans. We also stopped alongside the dolphin encounter to see what they were doing when the crowds were gone. They happily greeted us through the fence and the kiddos got a kick out of seeing them up close! We cruised around the harbor to catch the last of the sunset and hoped to see the elusive "green flash" which once again didn't present itself. Alas...There is always tomorrow!

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