Sunday, December 2, 2012

Girls Day in Todos Santos

A fun company outing to Todos Santos with the girls! We explored the local flora & fauna with Danny as our guide who took great care of us as always. We shopped the sights & when we got hungry, it was off to local hotspot "Tequila Sunrise" which was recommended by a local American gallery owner. And holy cow... we experienced some unbelievable organic food & then... the tequila!! Olé! Oh- and a special herbal liquor called Damiani that was in what I would call, the best tasting margarita ever!! Of course we all giggled our way around town after that. We stopped to check out Hotel California & many of the girls found some great deals on local products to take home. We barely made it back in time to take a quick swim and get ready for a wonderful dinner at Las Ventanas. It was our last dinner with all the employees in what was a most successful event for all! Whew.. We're pooped out and looking forward to cruising to Puerto Vallarta tomorrow! We'll have about a 30+ hour cruise and arrive to PV on Tuesday afternoon sometime. Brad, Danny and I will all be taking our turns at the helm with each of us on "watch" for a 3 hour minimum. Can't wait for the next adventure!

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