Saturday, December 17, 2016

T H E G R A N D F I N A L E !!!!!!

The voyage is almost complete, and it's hard to FATHOM that after cruising 
20,000 miles the boat is finally getting off-loaded in Ensenada! 
Once Brad & his dear friend Sid departed the marina, he snapped 
some neat pix of the shore & its environs.
And the border of California & Mexico was no big event to write home about.
And later that evening... INCOGNITO arrived
from Ensenada, Mexico to Newport Beach, CA. 
HALLELUJAH!! HOME sweet home!
The boys cruised in and awoke the neighborhood at 3:30am, as Brad's car alarm that was sitting in the parking lot went off to alert the neighborhood... INCOGNITO is home... And that's how it's DONE!

This little map outlines our entire crazy adventure. 
We LOVED every second of it!!!!!

We couldn't be more excited to have completed this massive journey on the sea without incident, accidents or anyone getting maimed. (OK- minus Buddy & the fish hook he met briefly.)
Our best advice?

For fun I thought I'd include some of the "411" and details you might enjoy...

                20,000 miles of cruising. Eeesh..I'm worn out at the thought of this. HA!
                                  INCOGNITO went thru the canal for the 3rd time! 
             (The first time was in 2005 when Brad brought it home from New York City, 
                   and the second time was with our whole fam during Christmas 2014)

Gas prices were cheap the ENTIRE trip. Boy, we sure picked the right time to travel during the oil glut. The weather wasn't hot or too humid, which made for FABULOUS cruising!

Outside the US was definitely a humbling experience. To see how some people live without hardly a roof over their head, but a BIG smile and pride in their eyes. 

                                                    80+ flights...How crazy is that?!!
1. Manzanillo to LAX
2.     LAX to Manzanillo
3.     Ixtapa to LAX (Kathleen)
4.     Tapachula to Mexico City (Brad)
5.     Mexico City to LAX (Brad)
6.     LAX to Mexico City
7.     Mexico City to Tapachula
8.     Quepos to San Jose
9.     San Jose to LAX
10.  LAX to San Jose
11.  San Jose to Quepos
12.  Panama City to LAX
13.  LAX to Panama City
14.  Bocas del Torro to Panama City
15.  Panama City to LAX
16.  LAX to Panama City (Brad)
17.  Panama City to Bocas del Torro (Brad)
18.  Cancun to LAX (Brad)
19.  LAX to Cancun
20.  Ft Lauderdale to LAX
21.  Orange County to Atlanta
22.  Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale
23.  Charleston to Atlanta
24.  Atlanta to Orange County
25.  Orange County to Atlanta
26.  Atlanta to Charleston
27.  Washington DC to LAX
28.  LAX to Washington DC
29.  Newark to Orange County
30.  Orange County to Newark
31.  Portland, ME to Chicago
32.  Chicago to Orange County
33.  LAX to Charlotte
34.  Charlotte to Portland
35.  Norfolk to Dallas
36.  Dallas to Orange County
37.  Orange County to Washington DC
38.  Washington DC to Norfolk
39.  West Palm Beach to Newark
40.  Newark to Quebec
41.  Quebec to Toronto
42.  Toronto to Calgary
43.  Calgary to Denver
44.  Denver to Bozeman
45.  Bozeman to Salt Lake City
46.  Salt Lake City to Orange County
47.  LAX to Ft. Lauderdale
48.  Georgetown to Miami (Kathleen)
49.  Miami to Provodenciales (Kathleen)
50.  Provodenciales to Miami
51.  Miami to LAX
52.  LAX to Miami (Brad)
53.  Miami to Provodenciales (Brad)
54.  LAX to Miami (Kathleen)
55.  Miami to San Juan (Kathleen)
56.  San Juan to Tortola (Kathleen)
57.  Tortola to San Juan
58.  San Juan to Miami
59.  Miami to LAX
60.  LAX to Miami
61.  Miami to San Juan
62.  San Juan to Tortola
63.  Phillipsburg to Miami
64.  Miami to LAX
65.  LAX to Miami
66.  Miami to Phillipsburg
67.  Antigua to Miami
68.  Miami to LAX
69.  LAX to Miami
70.  Miami to Antigua
71.  St. Lucia to Miami
72.  Miami to LAX
73.  LAX to Miami
74.  Miami to St. Lucia
75. San Jose, Costa Rica to LAX
76. LAX to San Jose
San Jose to Golfito
77. Gulfito, Costa Rica to San Jose
San Jose CR to LAX
78. LAX to San Jose
79. San Jose to Golfito
80. Golfito to San Jose
81. San Jose to LAX
Train to San Diego, car to Ensenada
Boat home.

         If you'd like  to read all of our previous travels, just click on the bottom 
                                   right corner where it says"blog roll or older posts". 
                                   That's where the 411 nuggets are hidden and are 
                           best viewed on a desktop computer.  Enjoy Life & Godbless!

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