Friday, December 16, 2016

Colon, Panama - Awaiting Passage!

If you are reading this, you're probably wondering why this update has only taken 8 MONTHS to get written. Well, life happened and things got BUSY...very busy.
But, as the saying goes...better late than never!
I needed to finish up this blog before the end of the year, so here goes...

As the guys cruised toward Panama and the seas had flattened out, they were elated to see the big city finally coming into view. 
It had been a long cruise since leaving Aruba.
They had time to work on their tans however!
 Upon arriving in Colon, Panama they pulled into the port & anchored just before dusk.
Brad was a happy clam to finally get there & take in a gorgeous sunset...
Jim was getting used to Bish's fabulous cooking,
and everyone felt spoiled by his tasty morsels that night.
Bish makes the best sauces..
The guys had oodles of time to kill as they awaited their passage. It can often take many days to get their clearance for passage, and this time was no different. 
Even with the use of a well connected "agent", it was the same ol' story. 
Therefore, it was time to take a tour of the city the next day!

A typical street scene in Colon, Panama. Check out those snazzy satellite dish colors!
This is the new canal they were driving over as they took a tour of the city sights.
Here are the locks of the old canal.
Driving over the water in front of the locks. So cool to have this perspective. While boats are in the locks and water is rising, they allow vehicle traffic to go back & forth. This is how it has been for the last 100 years, but they are now building a new bridge that will traverse the entire canal.

Fishing boats line the harbor..
The following pix are at an old fort the guys toured one afternoon.
They certainly had time on their hands waiting for their turn to transit the canal.

The scenery was beautiful as they navigated the little jungle...

They could have had a spa day after all the harsh seas they had been through...
Our dear friend Dick whom I've known over 23 years, joined Brad & the guys in Colon so that he could check transiting the canal off his bucket list. What a treat to have him!

Here they are at the top of the fort. You can see Captain Bish in the background waving from afar.

An old cannon relic..
A few vultures awaiting lunch...
Such creepy looking critters..
This is the old Spanish fort remains in Portobello, Panama.
The boys came across this sunken pilot boat that obviously needed a better pilot.
When they drove home at night , they came across this cracked pipe spraying water all of the street.
Such colorful laundry...
The boys found their California girls..HA!
This is the church where the black Jesus statues are.
These statues are extremely sacred in Panama & highly revered.

Then it was time for...a cold one!

This is the only restaurant in the marina where they had to eat at while waiting for their canal passage. They stared at this menu for FOUR days.
I think they were looking forward to getting moving...

Soon...adventure awaits!

But first...

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