Monday, February 1, 2016

Girls Last Beach Day- St Barths

We headed out late that morning after a power walk and some breakfast for another fabulous day on L'Orient beach spent swimming and swimming some more! 
Brad was a clever shutterbug and snapped our "girl squad" pic. 
And a calmer version...
We couldn't get over how much swimming we'd done so far this week!
Brad was cool as a cucumber... 
      and ready to shake his Bon-Bon.
We had the great idea of leaving the beach...
and headed to Eden Roc for a cocktail after all our swimming. 
Eden Roc is a popular hotel chain around the world. This one has a stellar location perched atop this little cliff. 
This hotel oozes charm & character. 
The beach looked ideal for swimming. 
However, the restaurant had just closed as they prepared for a wedding party that night. So what are we to do? Get in the car and head to...
Our über FAVE spot on the sea...Le Cheval Blanc for a repeat performance. A lite bite and afternoon chit chat was the perfect way to wind down the afternoon. 
Here are the girls in the beachside playpen! (It's really just couches lined up, but playpen sounds much more apropos)
Ginger piña coladas were ordered up. 
Brad held down the fort. 
Drinks were at Le Guerite restaurant that was located right behind our boat and then a late night rendezvous to Le Ti 
for their infamous cabaret dinner show! So "euro", but so fun. 
     The cabaret show was sure something!!
What a blast everyone had!
oooh- There was dancing after the show too!
The girls all headed out the next morning and we have 2 days of rest and relaxation before our next friends arrive. We'll probably spend more time swimming at Shell Beach. Can't wait!!

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