Monday, February 22, 2016

Buddy and Nancy Arrive in St Barths

Our dear friends Buddy & Nancy arrived late afternoon, and we positioned ourselves on the side of the street next to the runway at the airport so we could wave and welcome them as they landed.
After hours and hours of flying overnight to get here, I knew they'd want to take it easy. As soon as we got back to the boat, they changed into their bathing suits and we headed to our fave Shell Beach for a sunset swim and a cocktail at Dõ Brazil. 
It was the perfect end to a hectic day of travel for them, and we all enjoyed indulging in that beautiful sea for hours. Bish prepared an amazing vegan dinner for us (yes, you read that right. Haha!)
We've been vegan for two months now and are both feeling healthier than ever. Eating plant based meals has been great for us.
(This doesn't mean we won't imbibe when you invite us over for a dinner party though! )

The next day we left the boat in the early am
and took them on a walk to show them the sights of the island. 
We stopped at L'Oubli for breakfast and people watching of course.
You just can't beat the scenery on St Barths! We loved that horseshoe shaped harbor.

Then it was a mad dash back to the boat to get our swimming quotient in.
We had planned to swim at 4 different beaches before lunch.
Here's Brad navigating our van into the last narrow parking spot at a packed beach.

And one of the trails leading down to a gorgeous beach..

We cracked up and had a ball at all of them. We've swam more on this island than anywhere else we've been on this entire trip and have loved every second of it!

Lunch was at our new fave...
 Les Cheval Blanc on the beach We celebrated Nancy's birthday lunch there.(unbeknownst to her of course!)
Surprise..we got you a Roman candle! 
She was shocked to see a little desert come out with a gigantic firework attached to it. 
Just love surprises! 
I could be left here all day to soak in all this gorgeousness....

Their open air hotel lobby...
This would be the perfect beach car at home...a little Mini Moke.
Nancy and I planned to hit the town when we got back from lunch while the boys went out snorkeling. However, the boys departed in the dingy before we did...when we went to get off the boat we then realized that our way of getting off the boat was gone. Ha! Then we heard a voice down the way...the captain on another boat asked if we needed a ride? Yay!
He made it over in his dingy and performed a "swift water rescue" for us...then offered to take us across the harbor to the center of town. Such a nice Aussie he was.
Always love a good adventure. 
We had fun shopping that afternoon for a little bit and then had a late dinner surprise for Buddy and Nancy. Dinner and the cabaret show at Le Ti was in order! 
The $55.00 baked potato was a riot!

This was the master of ceremonies..
she had moves like Jagger.
Then their spotlight dancer showed up...
Who knew you could do the splits upside down?

This "firewoman" came out and started to light her batons...
No, not these batons..
Then she swallowed them. Wow.
They had cheetah girls serving drinks...

Buddy was a riot and a total gamer as he was picked out of the crowd for "who knows what?"
and walked to the back of the restaurant. He came out wearing this...

And then...after the show was over, 
B-Rad and I hit the dance floor. One of the waitresses donned this wig upon my head.
Brad was busy wiggin' out...he couldn't decide which one he liked better.

And the boys had their game faces on.
So did these two for that matter.
Nothing like a fun night on the dance floor!
Oh don't worry..Nancy got the wiggy treatment too! 
There was no escaping.
       Too much fun and their 24 hour intro to St Barths was complete!

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