Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cooper Island, The Baths and Scrub Island

We left Peter Island late afternoon & headed over to Cooper Island for dinner.
Cooper Island’s Manchioneel Bay is featured on many sailing itineraries as a natural stop 
along the Sister Island chain leading to The Baths at Virgin Gorda. 
Moor-Seacure Ltd own and operate 30 moorings in Manchioneel Bay suitable for vessels up to 60ft in length and 20 net tons. (that counts us out.) Mooring balls are available on a first-come basis only. It will be interesting to see them all filled once we return here after the holidays which is HIGH season. That mean's "Christmas Crazy" will be in full effect!
Anchoring in the mooring field or sea grass is not permitted, as Manchioneel Bay is one of the Department of Conservation & Fisheries’ Sea Grass monitoring sites.

The beach club here was so nicely done...

 And sure cast a romantic spell.

It "allegedly" had the best & only rum bar in the British Virgin Islands...

This vintage Zacapa  rum is allegedly the best you can taste!

I worked my "prom pose" after dinner... everyone else, remained normal.

The next morning, we departed...
And took off to tour the infamous BATHS on Virgin Gorda...

No, not the type of "bath" you're thinking of...

We all swam to shore...
And were happy to be there...
But then...when we looked around for the Baths, Brad noticed that we came
ashore to soon and were on the wrong beach. HA! Back to the boat we swam...

And tried again, on the correct beach. So funny!
Bish forged his own snorkel path to the Baths..

And then we found the infamous cave which leads to Devils Bay.

Beautiful rocks were everywhere. Their beauty shaped by years
& years of being carved out by the sea.
This is the ENTRANCE to the infamous "Baths"!
Brads ready..
 Yes, you duck down low and make your way through this narrow crevice in the rocks. Claustrophobes need not apply... Somehow I didn't get this "memo".
And this is what you see when you come out on the other side..
Such intrinsic beauty, I can't get over it! It's etched in my memory forever.
I have to admit, this photo "nugget" was one of my faves!! 

However there were about 60 cruise ship passengers behind us
 ready to pounce so I had to snap the pics quickly & get back outside for fresh air! 
This rock reminded me of a ships hull...
This was the rope handrail used to propel oneself up the steep rocks..
Gorgeous topography!

Bish worked his water polo goalie moves...
Once we finished our little "bath" tour, it was off to Scrub Island

to do what else...
spa & a scrub of course!

All tied up at the dock and ready for FUN.
Now that trampoline looks like there's some entertainment to be had there...

The resort at Scrub Island was beautiful and wonderfully appointed.

Kim & I skedaddled to the spa for our afternoon appointments.
While us girls enjoyed our pampering, the boys took a dingy cruise
& headed out on a tour of their own crazy concoction.

Mark fabulously captured their photo safari...
This is a makeshift multi-person hammock. Too bad they didn't imbibe...
I wonder where the mongoose got loose?
This is Mark's now infamous "Ode to Color" as Brad demonstrates his rotational skill set...
They found an abandoned boat...Brad was all to glad to captain it until it ran out of gas. 
OK, I might be kidding.

Brad killed it as Mark's live model and worked it like a native!
These were live lobsters sitting in their cage just under the dock where we were at.
Someone's dinner is waiting..
We chilled at the spa and took our time shockingly.
Sunset at Scrub Island was spectacular!
Kim and I finished our day of pampering and headed back to the boat where Bish had prepped a cornucopia of delish appetizers.
We dined at the resorts' restaurant that night (we even got dressed up for the first time that week!) and of course I had to tell the waiter it was Kim's birthday we were celebrating...
A month or so late, but FUN nonetheless!

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